Pedigree Database Project

by Deron Kazmaier

In an effort to ensure a total lack of free time on my part, I've created a simple pedigree application for the Macintosh, Windows, and Amiga computers. It will store basic information about dogs, litters, and kennels. You can view and print pedigrees for any dog in the database, as well as generate pedigrees to explore possible breedings. Even more important for the Seppala breeder, you can get a summary of the percentage of dogs in the pedigree. So if Hank appears twice in a pedigree, as a grand-sire and a great-grand sire, then his "contribution" to the genetic make-up for the dog is 37.5%. Further more, named sets can be created so that the % of a collection of dogs will be listed as well. For example, you might create a set named "Seppala" and add to it the foundation dogs or a set named "ABB Index" and add to it Ali, Beowolf and Baron.

Of course, I'm still hoping to expand the program, but it is ready to use. I'm not sure if I'll take it commercial (after all, I did this to do something for fun instead of work!), but either way I will make it available at almost no charge to Seppala owners. "Almost no charge?" you might ask! If you mail or email me information on your dogs and breedings, I'll email you a copy of the database and the program. If you need me to mail you a copy on CD-ROM, I'll need $5 to cover postage and the CD. Send me a list of dogs in your kennel (at least the information found on the AKC papers or even just a copy of the papers), plus a listing of your breedings that are not listed in either of Doug's books.

Down the road I hope to add pictures to the database, plus kennel maintenance and dog health information (shot records, breeding dates, dog evaluations, any health concerns, etc) and training details/mileage log book. If you have pictures of your dogs, scan and email them to me, or drop them in the mail to me. I'll return the pictures when I'm done. Just don't mail them if you want them back right away. After all, training season is here, and I've still got a house to build before the snow flies!

Hopefully next year we will have collected enough information to produce a third volume to Doug's books on the Seppala Siberian, both in electronic (PDF) and printed form. Time will tell!

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