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racederonlol.jpgThis web site is dedicated to the Seppala line of Siberian Huskies.

The articles posted are from the first two issues of the Seppala News. They still have pictures to add and some editing to clean them up. The Top 50 Sepp-Alta Dogs has added to it work-in-progress listing of where the dogs can be found today. Which demonstrates why it is important to let us know what dogs you have, in case others would like to breed to them, or just want to know how the dogs turned out.

racemarnalol.jpgThe online pedigree is a reflection of the incomplete status of the pedigree database project. I have only entered about 40% of the total pages of pedigree. However, it is still very interesting to dig through. If you find any errors entered so far, please let me know! Also, if you havn't sent in your dog roster and breedings since Doug's second book please send them in! And if you have good profile pictures for your dogs, send them in!

We are always looking for articles. They can be about the history of the Seppala, dogs of yours, your views on breeding and genetics, favorite training techniques, etc. Don't be shy, send them in!

Lastly, this web site is a work in progress. Help guide its direction by providing suggestions for, or actual, content! Email them to deron@seppalanews.com.

-Deron Kazmaier

March 6, 2014

These are photos of Deron and I out for a Day Trip with Venus and Traveler (Venus's Sire). Still here, still going strong!

Deron with Traveler & Venus Packing  2014-03-06. Deron Backpacking with Venus 2014-03-06 Deron Venus Packing Away 2014-03-06 Deron Backpacking with Venus Side Shot 2014-03-06 Deron with Venus & Traveler  2014-03-06 Deron with Venus & Traveler Packing Away  2014-03-06 Marna with Traveler  2014-03-06 Marna with Traveler Backpacking  2014-03-06 Marna Backpacking withTraveler Side Shot  2014-03-06

Born March 15, 2014 Mercury & Moon

Blake holding Muercury, Deron holding Moon 2014-06-21

Mercury, male, Moon, female, born 3-15-2014 to Traveler x Venus. Both have brown eyes. Traveler is brown eyed and so was his White Mother, Snowy. Travler's sire, Cheval and Venus are both Bi-eyed. This photo of Blake and Deron Kazmaier with the puppies was taken 2014-06-21.

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