10 Most Epic Solo Travel Destinations In The U.S. For 2022

Although family vacations are the most common in America, not everyone is cut out for that. Some people are just built to be solo travelers. Unlike in the family lineup, solo adventurers have the freedom to choose where and when to go. Risk-takers who follow this path are eventually rewarded with a beautiful vacation experience free from any compromises.

Here are the 10 most epic solo travel destinations in the U.S. for 2022.

10 Naples

The East Coast beach boasts some of the most epic solo travel destinations in the U.S. Naples, a small community in southwest Florida, is rated highly for its convenience for solo adventurers. From its low crime rate to the usually calm ocean waters, the to-do list in Naples is endless. A dolphin cruise from Naples will be a great way to end a trip to Naples.

9 Boston

With a lot of historical sites and great hostels, Boston is a wonderful place for solo vacationers to visit. A worthy mention in this city is the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile path interconnecting 16 of the city’s most significant historical sites. Wildlife enthusiasts are treated to an incredible whale watching experience along the shoreline. Boston is essentially a free walking city with lots of green spaces for vacationers to relax.

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8 Sedona

Traveling solo is essentially the only time one can check out from the regular grind and relax their body. There is no better place to rejuvenate the body than Sedona. Located deep in the Arizona Desert, vacationers are treated to wonderful views of the vast Red Rock. Also, there are multiple SPA-equipped hotels in the area, meaning solo vacations are not lonely in the long run.

7 Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is among the most epic solo travel destinations in the U.S. for 2022. Utah is one of the safest places in the world for solo travelers to roam around freely. The city sits in a valley surrounded by huge mountains that easily become part of an adventurer’s experience. Hiking in these mountains makes the Utah experience worth every penny. Besides, Salt Lake City has some of the best hotels to reside in as a solo vacationer.

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6 New Orleans

With parks, incredible architecture, voodoo, and a harbor, New Orleans is among the neat-perfect destinations for solo travelers. The Mardi Gras is one of the most popular events that put New Orleans on the vacation destinations map. While the event occurs through a two-week period in February every year, vacationers are advised to hold until the last weekend of the show when the A-game of the float riders is showcased. Also, the area has several hotels, meaning accommodation is never an issue, even for solo vacationers.

5 Arkansas Hot springs

What beats the feeling of soaking in hot water during winter? Well, the best spot to feel this extra warmth in any weather is the hot springs of Arkansas. Besides being a recommended form of therapy, thermal soaks create a relaxed feeling in body muscles. Best yet, the area has a national park where travelers can indulge in hiking activities.

4 Miami

The East Coast offers the best conditions for solo travelers, with Florida dominating the list. From its beautiful street art to the sweet aroma of street food, vacationers have a lot to do in Miami. Solo vacationers longing for a beach day are assured of a good one while at it. Miami is also known for its multiple traditional neighborhoods that give vacationers a chance to learn a thing or two about other cultures.

3 Mobile Alabama

Vacationers looking for some of the most epic solo travel destinations in the U.S. find an escape route in Mobile, Alabama. The vibrant nature of this destination can make even a pre-planned solo vacation turn out to be a group activity among strangers. People out here are friendly, and there is hardly any security threat, even for solo travelers. Mobile, Alabama, has several activities that make even the most basic vacations epic. The French architecture of the town is a whole vibe that no vacationers should miss.

2 New York

Why this city isn’t number one on the list of most epic travel destinations is still debatable. Nevertheless, no vacationer wants to miss out on a trip to this wonderful city. New York is famed for its multiple skyscrapers that create enough shades in the pedestrian walkways. New York is among the few cities in the world that have streamlined its transport system to avoid chaotic traffic jams. The city also has a lot of eateries that offer signature delicacies like the New York Style pizza and bagels.

1 Seattle

The last city on the list of most epic solo travel destinations in the U.S. for 2022 worthy trying is Seattle. Located deep in the American capital, adventurers are treated to breathtaking sceneries of the Pacific Northwest. Compared to most American cities, the city is home to some of the most affordable hotels to books. In Seattle, solo travelers rub shoulders with the likes of Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, and what a great vacation it would be bumping into any of them.

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