4 Summer Hairstyles For Long Hair I’ll Be Wearing On Repeat

For the past few years, the fashion set has been all about short hair. Be it the soft bob, the layered lob, the bixie, or some other funky-named, cool-girl trend, there has been no shortage of ideas for the perfect, dramatic chop. Yet despite it being the trend to try, I just haven’t been able to get myself to ditch my long hair. If there was ever a right time to just close my eyes and do it, summer would arguably be the best time. I’d be free of my long unruly locks sticking to my hot summer skin, getting tangled from the salty beach air. Yet, here I am, telling you how I refuse to give in. And I know I’m not alone in planning my summer hairstyles for long hair.

The thing is, I’ve always had long hair — my parents never even took me for a haircut until I was 5 years old — and in a way, my long, wavy hair has become like my safe place. It’s reliable, I understand it, and it makes me feel beautiful. Though I’ve been through my fair share of ups and downs (scrunching with hair gel in middle school was a very weird time) I’ve been lucky enough to have mostly had a great relationship with my long hair. Yes, drying and styling can be a mundane and lengthy process day-to-day, but there is a silver lining: there are also an endless number of hairstyles you can try when you have a long, thick mane, giving you easy options to change things up. You don’t need a totally different haircut to breathe new life into your look.

This summer, I’m leaning into these less permanent ways to make my hair and overall look feel fresh for the season: playful, warm-weather hairstyles that offer versatility and will help me stay cool as the temperatures heat up. Ahead, find the four hairstyles I’ll be wearing on repeat. Long or short hair, you should try them, too.

The Headscarf

Bad hair days are officially a thing of the past, thanks to the headscarf, or as some like to call it, the babushka trend. It actually looks great with either long or short hair and will keep wild summer locks in place, not to mention protect your scalp from sunburn. It’s incredibly chic for the beach but also a perfect everyday look to try, be it Saturday lunching with the girls, or farmer’s market runs. While I’ll be wearing my headscarf with my wavy hair long and untamed, it’s also super cute over a low bun or even a messy top knot for a little extra something to upgrade your look.

The Braided Ponytail

I’m ditching my classic ponytail this summer for its cooler older sister, the braided ponytail. You can rock it with a low, middle, or high ponytail style, and once you see how easy and comfortable it is to wear I promise it will be your new summer go-to as well. With slick-backed hair and ponytail flyaways contained in a braid, it’s incredibly refreshing in the summer heat. Fashion it-girls have already given it their stamp of approval, so you’ll be perfectly on-trend.

The Claw Clip

When I need to get my hair off my back and out of my face, the claw clip is my best friend. If I could only pick one summer hair accessory, I would crown it as the must-have choice. Tapping into the Y2K revival taking over fashion and beauty, there are so many colorful and fun-shaped clip options to choose from, and the twist and clip process takes all of 30 seconds. Chic, fast, easy, and comfortable. You’ll look effortlessly cool with this summer essential.

The Bouncy Blowout

Ok, I admit this style isn’t necessarily summer-specific, but there is something about long, soft waves bouncing over your shoulders that screams summer magic. You simply can’t go wrong with a bouncy blowout for an understated glamorous look, and it’s one of the hairstyles that really lends itself to longer hair. See, there are advantages to opting against a short chop! Use a soft-bristle round brush to blow out your hair, and use either old-school curlers or a 2-inch barrel curling iron to nail the look. It’s my go-to nighttime vibe this summer.