5 best fitness apps to help you lose weight and keep fit

Fitness apps
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Online Fitness

Fitness is something which most of us look forward to and do various things like dieting, walking, yoga and more in order to get fit. But there are times when you get so engaged that you skip your workout. This indeed is a matter of concern for many who really want to make a difference in their lives. 

Technology has made it very simple for us to even take care of our health if we really look forward. There are many applications which enable the user to keep fit and work out at home with the help of those applications. 

These apps are free to download for Android and iOS devices and have an easy interface and simple it is to use. 

Below are the top 5 fitness apps which are free and commercial, depending on the current demand for fitness at home.

Home Workout – No Equipment

This app enables you to exercise at home without any help from any gym equipment. This app comes with a number of exercises which focus on all the major body parts. Indeed, a good and smooth way to allow you to maintain your fitness and health at home which will save much of your time.

Available for iOS and Android, the Home Workout app comes with various warm-up routines, videos, and guidelines in this program created by experts. 

Workouts like stretching and warm-ups are offered and those who would like to subscribe for premium content can also access the same for free.


Cure.fit’s fitness and lifestyle software help you to access multiple forms of fitness regime- either exercise, do yoga, meditate, follow a healthy diet or perform various other activities. The app enables you to watch live yoga and fitness sessions on the platform. The Cure.fit platform offers professional coaching, tracking self-progress and managing competition with other users.

Though a number of features and facilities are available on this app, you can always opt to use more by subscribing to their plans based on monthly as well as yearly.

You may join the live fitness training session, and get access to the exercise videos and sessions, and healthy recipes at the nearest cult.Fit location and more. 

FITTR: Fitness & Weight Loss

Fittr is the world’s largest fitness and nutrition community. Their company started as a small WhatsApp group, which trained a few individuals to get fit. Today the platform has more than 2.5 million members across the world and is claimed to be one of the most engaging and informative fitness communities.

Fittr platform provides a number of health and fitness needs for the user. Fitness enthusiasts and fitness experts can exchange advice and tips through Fittr’s freemium model, which enables free access to an industry-standard diet along with training tools. 

Fittr has more than 500+ certified coaches who provide individual guidance, customized plans, and weekly follow-ups for paid subscribers and the platform charges small fees for the same.

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An Indian digital health and wellness platform, HealthifyMe offers nutrition and fitness coaching on a one-to-one basis. The guidance is for the diet plan as well as for workout plans according to the user. If you would like to get in touch with the nutritionists, yoga coaches and fitness trainers directly, then you may subscribe for a premium subscription. 

Also, the platform has a virtual nutritionist named Ria who is powered by AI. The app could be synced with various activity trackers which enable you to sync the app with your wearable technology to keep the track updated.

Seven- 7 Minute workouts

This indeed is a perfect app to help people who like to do High-intensity interval training (HIIT). An app is a great option for bodyweight exercises and all the workout activities will only last for 7 minutes, which is the main selling point of this application. An easy to use app has a goal-oriented approach, and the exercise with this app does not make you to have any special equipment.

The app user will be benefitted from 7 minutes exercises, personalized plans as per the requirements, competition with friends to keep you motivated and more of the offers on the 7 Club.