Best cheap website builder deals 2022: save now on Wix, WordPress and more

The best cheap website builder options are no-code, drag and drop tools that include hosting, letting you build your own site from scratch, creating endless opportunities to grow your business, promote your blog, showcase your photography skills and so much more.

Searching for the best cheap website builder choices is a win-win situation. Unlike most free website builders that limit certain features but cover the basics, finding a website builder service that caters to all your needs for a fraction of the price means that you can build the perfect site without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

To make finding these deals from top-quality website builders easier, we’ve saved you the hassle by creating a list of the best cheap website builder deals on the market. 

For starters, one of the top deals on offer at the moment comes from the best website builder overall, Wix. On all its Premium plans, Wix is holding a 50% off sale should you wish to upgrade from its free website builder plan. Wix’s premium plans include features such as unlimited bandwidth and priority customer support, which is crucial if you plan on creating a website to significantly grow your online presence – an offer you really can’t refuse.

We are constantly updating this list to make sure you have the best, most up to date website builder deals. If you are looking for a web host to match, you can also see more bargains with our roundup of the best cheap web hosting deals and services. 

Top cheap website builder deals

How do I create a low cost website?

Today’s website builder tools are very easy to use and you don’t need to know any HTML coding because they are extremely user-friendly and use drag and drop functionalities. 

That leads to the next step highlighted on this page. You will need to find the best cheap website builder to suit the type of website you are looking to create. Once you’ve identified that, look for any deals they may be having (we have got you covered in that department).

Pair the website builder with a cheap web hosting provider and begin your website creation. Remember to always look at the features offered including free domain names, SSL certificates and of course, storage. The more you get for your buck, the better.

Also, check renewal costs, which will be important because it’s all good and well creating a low cost website, but you would also presumably want to maintain the cheapness as your website goes live.