Best WordPress Hosting Service Providers 2023

Looking for the best WordPress hosting providers? Look at our list, which we’ve researched, reviewed, and compared.

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Are you planning to launch a new online shop, develop a website for your offline business or create a personal site? For these and similar scenarios, it will be handy to know the best WordPress hosting companies because you need a service capable of:

  • Making your WP site fast and reliable

  • Protecting your site against online threats

  • Offering you an uptime guarantee of over 99%

  • Bringing you resources for scaling up your WP website

  • Providing you with an intuitive user interface

  • Giving fast and efficient customer support service

We’ve manually tested all the WP hosting providers, to pick only the top options that will allow you to develop a fast, reliable, secure, and scalable WordPress site at a fair price.

Now that you know what to expect from this page, let’s find the perfect WP hosting provider for you in 2023!

Top WordPress Server Hosts in 2023

To make it easy for you to pick the ideal WP hosting service for your project, we’ve classified each one of the top WordPress hosting companies based on their pros such as best value for the money, best for custom plans, best for unlimited email, etc.

Here is a list of the best WordPress hosting providers in 2023:

Now you can pick the provider that offers what you’re looking for, sign up for the service and create your WP site today!

If you want to know more about each option before choosing a WP hosting service, then you can find our detailed reviews below, or take a look at for more info.

SiteGround: Best Overall WordPress Hosting Provider

Hands down, SiteGround is the WP hosting service that brings the best value for the money. It’s solid in all the areas that matter such as load time, uptime guarantee, website creation, pricing, etc.



Outstanding speed (especially from the US)

Database max size is 1 GB

Free WordPress migration

SSD Storage

Outstanding customer support service

Unlimited traffic

Free SSL

eCommerce Features

Integration with GIT repositories

Intuitive staging area

SSH Access

It’s one of the fastest hosting providers due to its great average speed of 330 ms, but it will vary depending on the location. Hostinger is faster at first glance with an average speed of 307 ms, but for regions like the US, the average speed of SiteGround can be as low as 6 ms!

SiteGround is highly versatile because its plans – StartUp, GrowBig, and GoGeek – allow you to build a wide myriad of websites from personal blogs to high-traffic online shops and large websites.

It’s intuitive, beginner-friendly and at the same time, it comes with all the features that a developer might need to perform complex tasks such as integrations with GIT repositories, staging, and SSH access. They also offer a plugin for FREE WordPress migrations.

The only downside is that they limit the size of the database to a maximum of 1 GB, but you can work around it when it’s time to scale up your business.

BlueHost: Best for Easy Website Creation

If you’ve never created a WP website before and don’t want to hire a web designer, then BlueHost will solve your needs. Because on top of being a reliable WP hosting service, it makes it practical and easy to create a website on your own.

Here you have a breakdown of the pros and cons of BlueHost:



Intuitive User Panel to Launch WP Website

No Windows servers

Competitive Pricing

No monthly WordPress hosting plans

Easy to use

Ultra-fast server speed

Efficient customer support service

Free site migration + free domain for the 1st year

As you can see, BlueHost is an excellent pick when building a WP Website, especially if you don’t want to go technical, because the revamped User Panel allows you to create and design a WP website in just a couple of clicks.

Furthermore, it offers a load time of less than 1 second, making it one of the providers with the best server speed for WP hosting plans.

Unfortunately, they don’t have monthly plans so you will have to opt for a yearly plan, and they don’t offer Windows servers, but if you don’t want to go technical, it won’t be a problem for you.

WP Engine: Best for Tailored WP Hosting Plans

Do you need a WP hosting service that can provide a customized hosting plan with specific features and resources? Then WP Engine is the way to go. Although it’s the priciest option from this ranking, it’s well worth the money because it can bring you all the resources and infrastructure you might need to launch even the most complex and demanding online projects.

Here you have the pros and cons of WP Engine as a WordPress hosting service:



Best customized WordPress hosting plans

Some plugins are disabled

Excellent for eCommerce stores

No free email or domain

Daily backups

Real time detection of online threats

Complete staging zone

Free automatic migration plugin

Outstanding server speed

One Click CDN installation

AWS and Google Cloud Available

Amazing customer support service

If you want to launch a complex website with a great demand for resources, infrastructure, and tech, look no further than WP Engine. It’s run by specialists on WordPress, so the plans, servers, and customer support department have been exclusively designed to support and assist websites using this CMS.

They don’t offer a free domain or email, but that won’t be an issue if you’re ready to pay top dollar for a custom WP hosting plan that will make your website fast, reliable, secure and easily scalable.

HostGator: Best for Unlimited Email

If you want a beginner-friendly hosting service that will allow you to host and build your WP website, and at the same time allow you to administer unlimited emails without data restrictions, then HostGator is the best choice for you.

Here you have the pros and cons of HostGator as a WordPress hosting provider:



Windows Servers

Expensive add-ons

Unlimited Email

Aggressive marketing

Beginner friendly

Big discounts for yearly plans

Efficient customer support service

HostGator is an excellent hosting provider if you’re a beginner and want multiple email addresses and plenty of storage for your business. It’s easy to use, brings unlimited email, and you can get huge discounts if you purchase a yearly plan.

The cons of HostGator are that the add-ons will be expensive and they have an aggressive marketing campaign, so expect to get a lot of emails. If you’re not okay with the expensive add-ons, you could opt for an option like SiteGround or BlueHost.

DreamHost: Best WordPress VPS Hosting Provider

If you want to build your WP hosting on a VPS, then DreamHost has got precisely what you need. And if most of your traffic comes from the US, then you’ll be happy to know that DreamHost has data centers only in the USA, meaning that your website will load fast for your visitors.

Let’s compare the pros and cons of DreamHost:



Best VPS hosting plans for WordPress sites

Non-traditional Control Panel

Uptime guarantee of 100.00%

No email for Starter Plan

Recommended by WordPress

Advanced security features

Outstanding customer support service

97-day money-back guarantee

Intuitive website builder

We’ll be honest; the Starter Plan from DreamHost is not good for WordPress, but the VPS plan surely is, and that’s why we’ll focus on it!

DreamHost offers an outstanding uptime guarantee of 100.00%, advanced security features such as daily backups, a free SSL certificate, custom firewall settings, an incredible money-back guarantee of 97 days, and an intuitive website builder.

The VPS plan will allow you to build complete WordPress sites easily, be it a personal blog or a big site with a great demand of resources. It comes with free unlimited data transfers and unlimited domains, and it doesn’t share your resources with a lot of users, so it means that your site will run smoothly and faster than with other hosting providers.

The unique downside is that they use a non-traditional control panel, so you will have to get used to it, but once you get a hold on it, you’ll find that it’s actually pretty easy to use.

Hostinger: Best for Cheap WP Hosting

If you’re looking for a solid WP hosting service at the lowest price possible, then Hostinger will be the perfect match for you. Despite its cheap pricing, it’s a surprisingly good hosting provider because it offers an outstanding average speed of 307 ms, which places it above the competition.

Let’s check the pros and cons of this hosting provider for WordPress websites:



SSD Storage

No traditional CPanel

Free Domain

Refund exceptions

Free SSL

Cheapest WP hosting plans

Reliable customer support service

Unlimited email

This is a strong competitor against HostGator because it also offers unlimited free email, with the addition that it’s amongst the fastest WP hosting providers, and also the cheapest option from our ranking.

Hostinger is a great place for those looking for reliable, fast, and cheap WP hosting. The unique downsides are that you don’t get a traditional CPanel, so there’s a slight learning curve, and they have exceptions to the refund policy such as no refund of redemption and domain renewal fees.

Comparison of Highly-Rated WordPress Server Companies in 2023

To make it even easier for you to pick the perfect WP hosting service for your web project, here you have a side-by-side comparison of our recommended providers.

Our Recommended WP Hosting Services



WP Engine











Uptime Guarantee







Average Page Loading Time

330 ms

420 ms

528 ms

660 ms

1730 ms

307 ms

Data Centers


USA, India, UK, EU, China




USA, Europe, Brazil

Windows Servers







Linux Servers







WP One Click Install







Free SSL Certificate







24/7 Customer Support







Unlimited Data Storage







Just compare the different providers we recommend, find the one that better meets your needs and goals, and sign up so that you can build your WP website today.

How We Selected Good WP Hosting Providers in 2023

As we said before, we’ve manually tested all the WordPress hosting services in the market, to find the best picks in 2023. Here you have our review process so see why you can trust our ranking.

Load Time and Server Speed

Nobody likes a slow website, so you need a WP hosting provider with an outstanding load time and server speed. That’s why we have tested the server speed of each one of the hosting companies from our ranking.

We’ve tested WordPress websites hosted by our recommended hosting providers, to find out how fast they load. Ideally, they should load in 1 second or less, and this is true for the biggest part of our recommended WP hosting companies.

Remember that to make your site as fast as possible, you need to optimize it, but that’s a topic for another post! However, our recommended WP hosting suppliers will provide the foundation for a fast, reliable. and competitive website.

Uptime Guarantee

Being offline even for a couple of hours is enough to hurt the revenue of your business, and that’s why you need a hosting provider with an excellent uptime guarantee. That’s why we only select WP hosting companies with an uptime guarantee of 99.80% or more.

For the majority of providers, it’s impossible to bring an uptime guarantee of 100.00% because that means that your website will be online all the time, and sometimes issues can put your site offline even for just a couple of seconds, but that’d be enough to prove the guarantee wrong.

However, our recommended companies will make sure to keep your site offline at least 99.80% of the time, which is perfect because it means you won’t lose conversions, clients or traffic.

It’s important to note that DreamHost is one of the few companies in the industry to offer an uptime guarantee of 100.00%. And they have an excellent record doing it, but if your site is down due to the servers, then DreamHost will refund you for the time your site wasn’t online.

Features and Optimization for WordPress

Since we’re talking about hosting providers specialized on WordPress, it’s critical to analyze their features and how they’ve optimized their plans for websites built with this CMS. Here’s what we took into account:

  • One Click WP Installation: Our recommended WP hosting providers will bring you the option to install WordPress in one click and create your website in just a couple of clicks (installing a theme, naming your site, writing a description, etc.) – even if you’ve never worked on a website before

  • Intuitive Interface: We’ve tested each one of the providers we recommend in order to find out if they offer an intuitive and user-friendly interface so that you can set up your WP website even without previous experience, or if you’re an advanced user, to make your life easier

  • Custom Servers: The hosting companies we recommend have special servers for offering WP hosting plans. This CMS requires specific resources and infrastructure to run smoothly, and that’s why our picks have the servers and technology to make your WordPress website fast and reliable

  • Caching Tools: As we said before, you need to optimize your WP website to make it really fast. On top of bringing you a solid foundation to make your website as fast as possible, our recommended companies also bring you caching tools that will reduce the load time of your WordPress site

  • Speed Boosters: On top of caching tools, our recommended providers also offer specific Speed Boosters that will make your WordPress website even faster, such as reducing the size of images, optimizing the structure of the site, minimizing the size of HTML content, etc.

All in all, our recommended providers have plans that are specifically engineered for hosting WordPress sites. For example, you can choose WP Engine, which you can use to build a tailored plan for your WP site, be it a big eCommerce store, a membership site, or a high-traffic site with a great demand for resources.

Value for the Money

How much value are you getting in return for your money? This is an essential factor we’ve considered at the hour of building this ranking. Here’s what you need to consider:

  • Type of Storage: If you want to make your website faster and more reliable, you need to choose a WP hosting company that offers SSD storage. Fortunately, our picks offer such type of hosting plans at a competitive pricing

  • Features of the Plan: All in all, the company you choose needs to offer more features than the average of the competition. From bringing you priority customer support service to offering you an excellent uptime guarantee and optimal server speed, you need to get the best value for your money

  • Freebies: It’s also good to receive certain freebies such as a free SSL certificate, free domain, free daily backups, free email, etc. Because this will add even more value to your purchase, especially if your main concern is the pricing.

Customer Support

Customer support is always essential, but it’s even more if you’re here to select a WP hosting provider to help you build your online business. Here’s what we took into account at the hour of reviewing the customer support department of each one of our recommended picks:

  • Availability: Any competent WP hosting provider must have a customer support department available 24/7 because issues can arise at any moment of the day, and if it’s hurting your traffic and conversions, you will need quick help

  • Channels: Ideally, a good WP hosting company will bring you customer support service via email and live chat. This is precisely what we look for, and some of our recommended picks will even solve your issues and questions via telephone

  • Efficiency: The company you select must be well-versed when it comes to WordPress, in order to answer questions fast and solve issues easily. This is exactly what we’ve considered at the hour of building this ranking so that you can rely on hosting providers whose customer support team is specialized on WordPress.

You can expect this from our recommended WordPress hosting company: a reliable and efficient customer support service that will solve all of your questions and technical issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you have the most frequently asked questions about WP hosting, along with precise answers so that you can clear your doubts easily.

What is WordPress hosting?

It’s a web hosting service that has been specially engineered to host WordPress websites. From using specialized servers to serving the resources that these websites need, these niche web hosting services make it easier to launch a WP website when compared to a regular web hosting plan.

Do I need a WP hosting service to start a website?

Yes, you need a hosting plan to start a website. Even though you can start a WordPress website on any regular web hosting plan, it’s much better to opt for a WP hosting service, because it will bring you specialized resources, features, and servers that will make your website faster, more reliable, and easier to scale, especially if you want to operate the website on your own.

Are there any free WordPress hosting providers?

Yes, there are some free WP hosting providers that you can use to build your first WordPress website, but we don’t recommend them at all. Because your resources will be limited, there won’t be any uptime guarantee, the load time will make your website excessively slow, and you won’t be able to scale up your site.

Therefore, if you want a fast, reliable, secure, and scalable WP website, then you need to use a professional WP hosting service, and you’ll have to pay for it, but as you can see in our ranking, we have very cheap options such as Hostinger.

Is Hostinger better than Bluehost?

Hostinger is better than Bluehost in some areas, and vice versa. For example, Hostinger is better than Bluehost in terms of pricing,

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