Celebrity Fitness Trainer Namrata Purohit on How Yoga And Pilates Can Improve Your Life

Celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit, who is also the Pilates instructor to actress Janhvi Kapoor, Sara Ali Khan and Malaika Arora among others, enjoys immense popularity and rightly so. Her Instagram feed is full of fitness tips that she shares every now and then with her fans. In an interview, Purohit, who recently collaborated with Adidas, tells us how to go about living a better and healthier life.

How interconnected are Yoga and Pilates?

Although different, Yoga and Pilates are both mind and body form of exercise and both focus on the breathing and mind and body connection.

For those thinking about including Yoga into their busy lives, what would your advice be?

I think yoga can be an integral part of one’s life, as it helps calm the mind, get in tune with the body and also teaches one to stay centered, grounded and connect with oneself. Hence having yoga as a part of one’s busy life would not only help the body but also be good for overall health, and mental well-being.

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Being mind and body forms of exercise they both work on various aspects of fitness.

Can you be kind enough to explain the benefits of yoga and Pilates to someone just starting out?

Being mind and body forms of exercise they both work on various aspects of fitness. Some of them are:
– Strength
– Flexibility
– Concentration
– Coordination
– Stability
– Balance
– Focus
– Building lean body mass
And more

namrata purohit, pilates
Any approach should be holistic, customised and personal.

How has it changed your life?

Pilates has definitely been a life-changer. It has taught me a lot about myself, my mind and my body. It has also taught me to appreciate what my body can do and love it at every stage. Pilates has also taught me to be patient, it has trained my mind to stay calm and positive and has overall improved my outlook. It is now an integral part of my life and something that will stay with me forever.

What are the essentials for yoga and Pilates beginners. And how should their mind space and diet be?

Any approach should be holistic, customised and personal. No two bodies are the same, no two fitness journeys are the same and hence it is important to understand where one stands and build from there. Having an instructor who can design your regime and work towards your goals is extremely beneficial too.

What are your thoughts on adidas’ Yoga Make Space collection campaign?

I am thrilled to be associated with Adidas’ Yoga Make Space. It is giving me a chance to leverage my strength in Pilates in a more tangible way. Also, with this, the brand initiated a discussion around mental health, which I feel is a very important issue affecting so many of us and needs to be talked about openly.

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