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GoDaddy reseller Branchleaf Digital is pleased to now offer customers subscription plans for GoDaddy Website Builder geared towards businesses and entrepreneurs directly through its platform.

Here is what to know for businesses.

With GoDaddy Website Builder, customers can sign up for a low-cost website building solution that is easy to use, full of features, and requires virtually no technical knowledge at all to create a website.

What is GoDaddy Website Builder?

GoDaddy Website Builder is online editing and publishing subscription service that is powered by GoDaddy for basic website creation. The program itself uses a drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to create websites without a single line of code, or technical know-how.

When signing up for the subscription service, customers can select and choose from a variety of professionally designed website templates based on their specific industry and business. Then, they can simply add in content such as text and images and publish their site when ready.

What makes GoDaddy Website Builder particularly helpful for beginners and business owners is that it drastically reduces the time and money needed to build a website.

The reason being is that through the platform, web hosting and SSL certificate costs come included. Both of which are key elements when creating a website. When building a website on say WordPress for example, these are all separate costs. Not to mention, with a custom solution like WordPress, often business owners find themselves needing to hire a professional to create their website for them given the sheer complexity, which costs more money.

GoDaddy Website Builder is a solution meant to accomplish three primary challenges for its users:

  • Remove the complexity of building a website (particularly for small businesses).
  • Drastically reduce the costs and time often associated with website development.
  • Act as a one-stop shop for all website creation needs.

GoDaddy Website Builder comes packed with many features out of the box that makes website building simple and convenient for its users.

Standard features

  • Professionally designed templates: Regardless of the plan tier customers sign up for, each provides access to various professional templates to choose from for the design of a website. Each template, or theme, can be uniquely customized.
  • Web hosting included: With GoDaddy Website Builder, there is no need to buy a separate hosting plan to create a site because it already comes included and is bundled with each package. Normally web hosting is a separate cost altogether when building a website.
  • Mobile-friendly design: Each available theme to choose from is built to be mobile-friendly. This means no matter what type of device a website is being viewed from, it will look great, whether from the phone, tablet, or computer.
  • Drag-and-drop editor: With the ease of a simple to use drag and drop editor, making edits or additions to sites is as easy as just a few clicks. Customers can reorder sections or adjust parts of their layout altogether by simply clicking, dragging, and dropping elements where they want them.
  • Website backups: Customers can rest assured that their website is regularly and automatically backed up. This means that if a website ever needs to be restored to a previous version, it can easily be done so without losing any information or progress. Customers can also manually backup their website whenever they want to.
  • Drop down navigation menus: If customers want to add a drop-down menu or several pages to their website, they can do so by simply adding the pages to their navigation menu.
  • Blogging: For customers who want to add a blog to their website to post articles, they can do that too.

Marketing features

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): With SEO, customers can improve the rank of their website on search engines to help it achieve better visibility and increase traffic to their site. With most GoDaddy Website Builder plans, an SEO tool comes included.
  • Sync with Facebook: With this feature, customers can easily sync up their Facebook business page and other social media pages so that they integrate with their website and are more accessible to visitors.
  • Create social media posts: Customers can create social media posts right from within their website builder dashboard. This makes it easier to manage everything all from one place.
  • Google My Business: When customers claim their Google Business profile, their business listing can show up on Google Search and Maps. This can easily be set up from within the dashboard as well.
  • Email marketing: With email marketing, emails can be sent out to customers for any announcements, newsletters, events, or promotions and sales.
  • Reviews Widget: With this feature, reviews left by customers on popular websites such as Facebook, Google, or Yelp can be shown directly on the website.

Ecommerce features

  • Flexible payment options: With GoDaddy Online Store, customers can accept major credit and debit cards using Stripe, Square, PayPal, as well as other payment methods such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Marketplaces: By syncing online store inventory directly with popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart, customers can sell from these platforms as well as from their website.
  • Physical or digital products: Customers can add physical products or digital products (such as downloads) that can be sold directly from the website.
  • Adjustable tax rates: Customers may need to adjust tax and shipping rates based on their state or geographical area. They can do this directly within the GoDaddy Website Builder dashboard.
  • Product reviews: Conveniently showcase reviews on the website from other customers who have purchased products.
  • Offer discounts: This feature allows customers to offer discounted prices on merchandise or run a promotional sale.
  • Text notifications: Get notified anytime a customer makes a purchase from the website with a text message notification.
  • In-store pickup: If customers are local, they can be offered the option to pick up their purchase in-store rather than having it shipped.

Online appointment features

  • Calendar syncing: This is a feature that when adding online appointment services, users can sync up their business calendar with their website. This way, the latest up-to-date availability or class schedule is what displays to customers.
  • Client management system: With a built in CMS, gather customer information, appointment history, and payment history for future reference.
  • Add staff members: With GoDaddy Website Builder, customers can set up staff members into the system to help manage appointment schedules.
  • Class lists: View and/or download a list to see who has signed up or registered for a class online.
  • Recurring events: If customers have events that repeat or recur, they can set up a calendar that anyone can refer to for reminders of upcoming dates.

Analytics features

  • Track search ranking: When adding Google Analytics to a site in the GoDaddy Website Builder dashboard, customers can check to see how well their site is ranking on Google. In addition, they can receive recommendations for how they can further improve the search performance of their website with actionable tasks.
  • Monitor email campaigns: If customers send emails to subscribers, they can see some data about the performance of their emails. This may include how many people opened an email, who opened it, as well as if anyone clicked a call-to-action button in the email.
  • Track shipping: If customers sell products from their website, they can track orders that are made from their online store right from within their account dashboard.
  • Monitor comments: Manage and monitor comments that people leave on Facebook and Google for the business.
  • Facebook insights: With this feature, users can see insights from their company’s Facebook business page such as likes, views, and post engagement.
  • Data-driven recommendations: This is a useful feature that provides recommendations tailored to a specific industry based on insights from other customers.

GoDaddy Website Builder Plans and Pricing There are four GoDaddy Website Builder plans to choose from. Among these options include Website Builder Personal, Business, Business Plus, and Online Store.

Website Builder Personal Who this plan is best for: The GoDaddy Website Builder Personal plan is best for just getting started with a basic website. Many people choose this option when starting a new business and want to quickly get a website set up while limiting costs as much as possible. When just starting out, this may be the best option.

How much does it cost?

This plan costs $5.99/month.

What’s included with this plan?

With this plan, customers get all the basics needed to build a website. This includes web hosting, an SSL certificate, a generic domain name to use, mobile-friendly design templates to choose from, along with 24/7 support. However, SEO is not included with this plan.

Website Builder Business

Who this plan is best for: This plan is great for growing an online presence and is suited for individuals starting a business who want to grow it more quickly online.

How much does it cost?

This plan costs $9.99/month.

What’s included with this plan?

With the Business plan, customers get everything included in the Personal plan, plus SEO features to help their website rank better on search engines. This plan also comes with the ability to sell online.

Website Builder Business Plus

Who this plan is best for: The Business Plus plan is a higher tier subscription best for expanding business needs.

How much does it cost?

This plan costs $14.99/month.

What’s included with this plan?

With Business Plus, everything from the Business plan is included plus the ability to integrate social media and online appointments.

Website Builder Online Store

Who this plan is best for: This plan is ideal for anyone who needs to create an online store in an easy-to-use fashion to sell products from their website. The Online Store plan comes with a few built-in features that simplify opening and running an online store. From a built-in shopping cart to flexible shipping options, and the ability to accept credit and debit cards, this is the total ecommerce starter kit.

How much does it cost?

This plan costs $29.99/month.

What’s included with this plan?

Simply put, this plan comes with everything that is needed to start and open an online store. Manage inventory, process online payments, add a shopping cart, and integrate social media. With this plan, customers have everything required to get up and running to start selling online quickly and easily. Customers can also use the payment gateway GoDaddy Payments with this plan to process credit and debit cards from their online store.

GoDaddy Website Builder FAQ

What is GoDaddy Website Builder?

GoDaddy website builder is an online editing and publishing tool designed to help create a professional website quickly and effortlessly, and all at a very low cost. It was created with aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners in mind who need a reasonable solution to create a website that requires virtually no technical knowledge at all.

How can I create a website with GoDaddy Website Builder?

Creating a website with GoDaddy Website Builder is simple and fast. Here’s how to do it:

  • Start by selecting and purchasing a plan.
  • Choose a design template and then add in text and images using the intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Create as many or as few pages as needed. Customers can a contact form, about us page, or anything else that is important to communicate about their business.
  • Review and publish the website.
  • As business grows and needs expand, customers can add on new features such as a blog, shopping cart, or product listings.

For more detailed instructions, see: How to create a website with GoDaddy Website Builder.

Can I customize my website?

Yes, absolutely. With GoDaddy Website Builder, users can customize everything from menus, images, or price lists. Add videos, pages, edit colors, and fonts, or anything else that is important and unique to the business. GoDaddy Website Builder allows customers to truly have the freedom to make their website their own. If sections need to be edited or updates need to be made, a few clicks of the mouse is all it takes. Every section of the website is customizable, from the navigation bar to the name of the site’s pages. Custom code can also be used if needed.

Can I connect my own domain name to my website?

Yes. When customers sign up for any GoDaddy Website Builder plan, they are given a free generic domain name to use for their site. However, customers can use their own domain for their website instead.

How do I create an online store to sell products?

With GoDaddy Website Builder Business and Business Plus plans, users can add products to their website and sell directly from the site. Customers have a few different options to process payments. Among these include adding a PayPal button to checkout customers, or setting up a payment processor such as Square or Stripe. For a more customizable option, the Online Store plan is ideal for customers who need a complete ecommerce website solution.

Are SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools included with GoDaddy Website Builder?

Most GoDaddy Website Builder plans come with SEO tools included as part of the package. The SEO tool makes suggestions to help improve the rank of the user’s website on search engines such as Google. With an SEO wizard, customers are given keyword suggestions and recommendations to make to the descriptions of their pages that may further improve the search performance of their site.

Can I connect my social media to my website?

Yes. GoDaddy Website Builder makes it simple to connect all social media pages so that they seamlessly integrate with the website. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and any other social media pages that a business may be on, connecting them to their site can be done is just a few easy steps. Doing so is a great way to improve an online presence and make it easy for customers to connect with the business across the web.

What is the SSL certificate included with GoDaddy Website Builder?

An SSL certificate is a digital certificate that connects to a website in order to encrypt it with a secure connection. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and is meant to help protect a website and its visitors. An SSL certificate comes included with each GoDaddy Website Builder plan. Having an SSL certificate is particularly important if users plan to sell products from their website in order to protect customer payment information, as well as other sensitive information that visitors may enter in contact forms on the website. Without this protection in place, it is much easier for cyber criminals to steal personal information from websites that are on an unsecured connection.

Is customer support available with GoDaddy Website Builder?

Yes. GoDaddy customer service is available 24/7 to provide acclaimed award-winning support.

Am I able to change plans if I decide to?

Absolutely. Regardless of the GoDaddy Website Builder plan initially signed up for, customers can always upgrade or downgrade their plan later as needed. There are no long-term contracts and customers can even select their subscription term for as little as one month at a time if preferred. All with the ability to cancel at any time.

How can I get started using GoDaddy Website Builder?

Getting started with GoDaddy Website Builder is as easy as just a few steps. Customers simply start by selecting a subscription plan, then follow the prompts to create an account and checkout to complete their purchase. The whole process takes just a few minutes. Afterward, customers can start creating their new website.

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