Hate the gym? 5 seamless activities that can help with weight loss, keep you fit

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Gymming and exercises not for you? Check out these 5 activities you will love to deploy in your fitness and weight loss regime.

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Do you hate the idea of slogging it out at the gym? Would you rather take up some other activities instead of feeling bored repeating exercises or being watched as you exercise your now ‘not-so-fit’ body?

The famous poet Ogden Nash wrote in the poem “Confessions of a Born Spectator” —

I am just glad as glad can be

That I am not them, that they are not me…

With all my heart I do admire

Athletes who sweat for fun or hire…

Athletes, I’ll drink to you Or eat with you,

Or anything except compete with you…

That sounded funny, but many of us who never loved to sweat it out (mindlessly) endorsed the lines.

So, let’s be honest. When one is already upset about the excess weight one is carrying, having to exercise when you really don’t enjoy it is the next level of atrocity. But stress not, there is so much else you can do to shed weight, get fit, and tone your physique.

Here are 5 non-gym activities that you can consider doing on a regular basis if you hate exercising.

1. Hiking/Trekking/Walking: We warn you, that this can be addictive. Hiking can become much more than an exercise you do in order to lose weight — it can become an obsession, and turn out to be an activity that you look forward to – to de-stress, to make memories. According to Harvard Health, a 185-pound person who hikes for two hours can burn 1,064 calories, provided the terrain is hilly as against the same person spending 2 hours walking on flat terrain and burning approximately 712 calories.

2. Join a local sports club: Really, age is no bar. Do not feel embarrassed that you are not a professional sports person or that you are on the wrong side of 30 or have the physique that is screaming out the secret of your loss of fitness. Just get a membership to the local volleyball or tennis or even cricket club. Go to play because you enjoy it. Play to bond well with the teammates. Burn calories chasing the ball, laugh and shed all stress.

3. Good old Yoga to the rescue: Our ancestors did not spend years after years perfecting this technique of Yoga – literally – the union of body and mind. Yoga is an ancient Indian science that all can practice and hone after being trained by someone who knows it well. According to research by the University of Colorado, a standardised yoga session of 90 minutes with 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises can help you burn calories the equivalent of walking briskly at the rate of 3.5 miles an hour for the same duration of time. Many reported burning 1000 calories while the average for men was 460 and 330 for women.

4. Bicycle rides with a team or on your own: You loved it when you were in school. Now do it to go on leisure rides by yourself, and explore nature. A 30-minute, moderately-paced bike ride can burn around 298 calories for you. If you go with a group, it gets even better. The endorphins you will find being released in your blood – will lift your mood.

5. Join Zumba class: According to a report on Livestrong.com, Zumba gives you a calorie-burning cardiovascular workout in a dance-party atmosphere. Latin moves are the basis for this aerobic dance class, but movements from belly dance, hip-hop and reggaeton also feature in Zumba. It states a study by American Council on Exercise, researchers found that the 19 healthy female participants burned an average of 9.5 calories per minute of Zumba. Compared to kickboxing, step aerobics and power yoga, Zumba burned the most calories per minute.

Disclaimer: Tips and suggestions mentioned in the article are for general information purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical advice. Always consult your doctor or a dietician before starting any fitness programme or making any changes to your diet.