Home design ideas: Updating a boy’s bedroom to last for the teen years and beyond

To update a bedroom for a now 11-year-old boy in Wellesley, Sarah Trumbore turned to patterns in a palette of blue tones with hits of red. Since the room lacked sunlight, Trumbore aimed to brighten the space and make it interesting. As for getting the pattern mix just so? “I play with scale so the patterns don’t compete,” says the founder of ST Studio. “The wallpaper pattern is large, the starburst print is smaller, and the pattern on the bolster is even smaller, while the solids ground it all so the eye can rest.”

1 The window trim and baseboards are painted Benjamin Moore San Francisco Bay, a color evocative of a chambray shirt.

2 Schumacher Traverse wallpaper covers all four walls, lines the window nicely, and climbs up the angled ceiling. “It’s a happy pattern that’s mature but playful,” Trumbore says.

3 For the ceiling, Trumbore matched the color of the wallpaper pattern, then cut it 75 percent with white to achieve a powder blue hue. “A white ceiling can feel unfinished, like you just gave up after doing all this work,” the designer says.

4 Trumbore trimmed the window treatments with Peter Dunham Starburst, then repeated it on the bed with a pair of large custom-made pillows. Using it as an accent kept the budget in check and ensured the room didn’t feel overwhelming.

5 Horizons woven wood shades, Cruel Mountain Designs raffia lampshades, and Serena & Lily linen-wrapped nightstands add neutral tones and texture. “Natural materials make the room feel more casual,” Trumbore says. “We didn’t want it to seem too serious.”

6 Locating the bed in front of the windows, with a desk and a dresser on the adjacent walls, created balance as well as a nook effect. “Kids like cocoons,” Trumbore notes. The clipped headboard lets light through at the corners, while the contrast cording breaks up the hearty denim expanse.

Marni Elyse Katz is a regular contributor to the Globe Magazine. Send comments to [email protected].