Home interior decor tips: 5 elements to add character to your space

The character of a typical home is to make one feel warm, inviting and inspiring but if you have shifted into a newer home, creating that character with something unique or particularly charming can be a challenge. If you are planning to have a particular kind of home or looking for some clever decorating ideas to give your bland apartment a character without upsetting your landlord, we got you sorted with home interior decor tips by experts where you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Tony Thomas, Marketing Director at Bethliving, shared, “A house is a safe haven where we may unwind and create lovely memories. Our area should be uncomplicated and well-organized. We can employ a few components to create a fantastic vibe in our home if we use them wisely. The most crucial aspect that fills the space is furniture and placing a comfortable easy chair in the front is a smart move because it invites and encourages people to come in and stay awhile. ”

He further recommended, “Elegant wallpaper enhances the value of the walls and enhances their aesthetic appeal. If used in the appropriate manner, layering of soft lights can make your home look more alive. A neatly positioned bookshelf around your living area, along with plants, would give your space a cheerful feel and will look Hygenic. I recommend that you focus more on the paints. It’s self-evident that colours mirror the aura. Because it is the key factor that immediately impacts the nature of other elements, colour combination is the most crucial.”

He cautioned to not forget using fireproof interiors as fire is a blessing nevertheless a curse when it takes it an avatar and an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Stressing that elements that define a home’s character broadly comprise of its form, materials and design detail, Yash Kela, Founder of Arrivae, asserted that the character of a space can be created with design details and good craftsmanship. He listed the following tips to focus on, in order to achieve this character of space:

1. Walls: Define the walls with moulding details which offer a character to an otherwise plain surface. Alternatively, creating an accent wall with a contrasting colour works to give a room its much deserved personality.

2. Flooring: The way the flooring in laid out, its material, texture and pattern, matter while planning to characterise the space.

3. Ceilings: Often dressed minimally, ceilings give a sense of height and excitement. Ceilings can be described with several options like a false ceiling, tray ceiling, moulding details, arched ceiling, vaulted ceiling, fluted ceilings, beam details and coffered ceiling to name a few.

4. Materials and textures: Blending a variety of textures through materials fills the space with feelings. Using stones gives a natural and rustic appeal to the space, while, using glass and mirrors in design, offers a rich and luxurious appeal.

5. Design and styling: Keep the space well styled to match the rhythm of the space design. The way movable things furniture, decors and accessories are aligned and demonstrated creates a visually appealing design language.