Home interior decor tips: Check out these trendy ideas for statement ceilings

When we look back and reflect, on historical architecture ranging from byzantine domes to renaissance era painted ceilings, the design of ceilings was never simple. Elaborate ceiling designs have been known to accentuate the architecture and elevate the user experience with exciting details ranging from meticulously detailed paintings to strategic play of light. 

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Apoorva Shroff, Founder and Principal Designer, lyth Design, revealed, “As architectural design began moving toward minimalism, ceiling design traded its grandness for a quiet minimal presence. It is only very recently that ceiling details such as pop medallions and mouldings have successfully found their way back into modern interior design.”

She advised, “Celebrating a visual vantage point, layering materials, textures, as well as colours, are all methods to explore the never-ending potential of ceiling design. Just as the famous saying goes, “Old is gold,” statement ceilings have made a comeback and are here to stay. Interior design moves from minimalism to maximalism, be it flat or fluid, wood or fabric, coves or pendants quiet ceilings are a thing of the past.”

Asserting that ceilings that stand out yet complement the spatial narrative of the layout undoubtedly complete a design solution, Rahul Mistri, Principal Designer at Open Atelier Mumbai, opined that a captivating investment into statement ceilings can be steered by simple and direct techniques. He listed 4 tips for the same:

1. The impact of colours – For contemporary design requirements, adding a bold colour to the ceiling can be defined as the focal element which brings the entire room together. However, aiming to avoid the risk of a ceiling being too striking, wall coatings and elementary material finishes like veneer or laminate offer a cohesive ambience to the interior spaces.

2. Flamboyant patterns – To spruce up the look, hand-painted murals in bold colour combinations can add a layer of organic character. For residences, the customised nature of patterns and illustrations add an emotional connection of the space to the occupant, whereas, for workspaces, motivational words can generate positive environments.

3. Architectural detailing – Extracting inspiration from architectural design, elements like cornices, metal in-lays and textured surface finishes bring a sense of luxury to your space. With flexible profile options available in angle shapes and thicknesses, in-lays can be effortlessly installed on site. Likewise, creating a layered demeanour through textures can achieve a rustic yet complementary look and feel for luxury spaces.

4. We love innovative lighting – When integrated at the conceptual stage, lighting fittings offer an array of options to design streamlined ceiling solutions. Modules like cove, track or magnetic lights provide clean and contemporary spaces. Moreover, installation practices like recessed, semi-recessed, suspended, etc., also produce innovative ceiling statements.

An experimental approach and custom ideas can truly unfold impressive design solutions.