Introducing Pollution to Children


We have seen how children eagerly help their parents to keep their houses clean. Though we teach them to clean our houses daily, we often turn a blind eye when they throw away a chocolate wrapper on the road. We may think that it is only their first time, but it does not take much time for them to turn it into a habit. This silly act makes our surroundings dirty, and knowingly or unknowingly, we are making our children guilty of the same. Pollution is a major concern today, and we can teach children about it through an English essay.

If we do not correct our children at the beginning itself, they will continue to pollute the environment without being aware of the consequences. Though it will be a chocolate wrapper that they may throw today, they will be carelessly dumping a large plastic bag of waste tomorrow. Hence, we must introduce what pollution is and what its effects are to children through the pollution essay. Here, we will briefly look at how to write an essay on pollution so that they will understand the seriousness of the issue, as well as improve their overall literary skills.

How to Write Pollution Essay

As pollution is one of the greatest threats faced by us, children need to write an informative essay that will inspire people to take a stand against it. Even though everyone will be familiar with the term pollution, they may not be aware of the damage they are causing to the environment. Essay writing is a useful activity that will broaden the knowledge of children and enhance their writing skills. We will see how to write a simple yet impactful essay on pollution for children below.

  • Understand the topic of pollution well and gather as much information as possible about the topic from various sources. Children can talk with their parents, teachers or any other resourceful person, as well as read articles on pollution.
  • Sort the collected information and start by writing an introduction to pollution. Children can begin with a personal experience where they witnessed someone throwing garbage or having caused pollution in one way or another. 
  • Children can then go on to explain different types of pollution and how they are caused. 
  • After giving a brief account of types of pollution, children can write about their effects. Along with detailing how pollution causes many health issues, they can write about how pollution disrupts the balance of the ecosystem as well.
  • Once they have written about the causes and effects of pollution, children can provide some useful tips to reduce pollution. They can include anything that comes to their mind and, thus, raise awareness about the issue.
  • Children must remember to give ideal headings while writing the essay. This will make the essay look more organised and easily readable.

Steps to Reduce Pollution

While writing any English essay, children must remember to give a suitable introduction and conclusion. Writing about some effective steps to reduce pollution will serve as the perfect conclusion for the pollution essay. Just like the saying, ‘change starts from within,’ we must take note of certain things to address the issue of pollution. By depending on public transport and covering short distances by walking or cycling, we can control air pollution to a great extent. Similarly, replacing plastic bags with a cloth or paper bags will also be an effective measure to combat pollution. Above all, a proper waste management system must be developed to collect and dispose of waste. Through these small steps, we can ensure to reduce pollution and save the environment. 

Each child has a unique writing style, and we must try to identify it while they try to write essays. Since an English essay can be informative, descriptive or argumentative, we must guide them on how to write them separately. Essay writing is an important skill that they must learn in their early years, and once they master it, they will be able to perform well in examinations. They will also be able to express their thoughts clearly by writing essays on various topics. Let us enrich their learning with adequate resources from BYJU’S website.