Is Adobe Lightroom the worst solution for processing raw?

Think your EOS 800D has reached its limit at ISO 1600 (above)? That’s because you’re looking at its raw files in Lightroom. In Capture One, DxO PhotoLab and even the camera JPEGs it’s fine. Click on the gadget in the top right of this screenshot to see a full size comparison in 4K. This is a 200% enlargement of a much larger image. (Image credit: Rod Lawton)

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Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom use the same raw processing engine, so you won’t see any difference in the results whichever one you use. Adobe Camera Raw (i.e. Lightroom too) is the most convenient, most powerful, and most versatile raw processor around. And it’s often the worst (if you ask me)!

That may be going a bit far, admittedly, but if we put it up against the two other serious raw processing rivals – DxO PhotoLab (opens in new tab) and Capture One (opens in new tab) – it’s definitely the worst of the three and doesn’t always stack up well against the camera JPEGs.