Kaley Cuoco Hair and Makeup Team on ‘The Flight Attendant’ Season 2 Reveal How to Get Cassie’s Look

Says Koplow: “We’d have 20 minutes to take her back to the trailer and change her head to toe, curl her hair, full body, full makeup. And Kaley is so on top of it, she’s like, ‘I don’t want to keep the crew waiting. Let’s see how quick we can do it.’ I think we went down to 12 minutes once. I used Era full-body foundation spray in Y5 and then buffed it, and it was beautiful.”

She continues, “Everything was all shimmer on the face too. I think we used MAC shimmers in Tempting and Bobbi Brown’s Antique Gold. I applied her eyeliner, which I blended and winged slightly, with MAC’s Teddy pencil. It has a little bit of a shimmer, which is so beautiful right on the eyes. And then right at the base inside, we would do a gel pen, a black, just to slightly wing it out, carry the eye shadow. The trick was also whatever shadow was on her eyes was going to be carried underneath it. There was never really ever any eyeliner underneath. Sometimes it looks like it because of the base of her lashes.

“I used the the Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Moisture Concealer 4g, which I love. It’s a triple palette. And then the foundation was Koh Gen Do #123 Maifanshi Aqua Foundation again. And to give Kaley a bit of a glow as well, I used Stila’s powder highlighter in Opulence on her cheek bones,” says Koplow.

“For powder, I used Laura Mercier Lightening Under Eye and Chantecaille’s HD Transculent All Over powder, which I used to finish everything. For blush, I love Cargo blushes, especially the Miami Beach shade, which has this bronzy glow, that photographs beautifully. I also used the Guerlain Terracotta 02 Natural for bronzer. I’d kick it over on top of her nose or we’d brush it across,” Koplow explains.

“We punched up the lips for the gold-dress scenes with Neutrogena Stick #50 and layered it with Dior Gloss #256 Peach Sheer on top.”

How to get Cassie’s bombshell hair in the gold dress 

Says Marcellino: “The key was not to use too much product or hairspray. When it came time to do gold-dress Cassie, I went in with two small curling irons, and I would start on one side because Erin would be doing the makeup on the other side. I used one- to two-inch barrel curling irons, usually the [Hot Tools] Marcel iron. So I was interchanging one- and two-inch barrels on the Marcel iron. And then I’d just get my hands right in there and massage at the root, and then just finger it out until we got that look.”

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Courtesy of Erin Koplow