Lone Star Energy Forum showcases technology, innovation, leadership

Nov. 16—THE WOODLANDS — The Texas Oil and Gas Association’s Lone Star Energy Forum in The Woodlands showcased innovation and the state, national and global leadership of the Texas oil and natural gas industry.

“Modern oil and natural gas companies are actually technology companies and their innovations are changing the world. The industry’s commitment to innovation and investment remains critical to making Texas, our nation, and the entire world cleaner, stronger and better,” TXOGA President Todd Staples said in a news release.

Staples continued, “EIA predicts by 2050 global energy demand will increase by about 40% and the world understands what this industry knows: Energy security is a necessity, not a luxury. Limiting or rationing energy sources cripples economies, limits choices and thwarts growth. Allies abroad who are facing energy constraints are at our doorstep in Texas asking us to partner with them to meet their energy needs and help them move forward. Though, as we heard from experts at our Forum, policies and politics in Texas and across our nation will determine if we can continue to be that trusted energy ally or if nations in need will have to look elsewhere.”

This year’s Forum began with the TXOGA Energy Elevated Technology Showcase, where attendees heard from Jason Schenker, chairman of The Futurist Institute and president of Prestige Economics and Dale Winger, managing director of Halliburton Labs and learned about the latest innovations from AirDrive Oil and Gas, BioSqueeze, GHGSat, Power Infrastructure Partners, Stranded Solutions and WilliamsRDM. The showcase featured innovations related to drilling electrification, advances in remediation technology and emission detection and reduction technologies. The Showcase is available for viewing here.

The Forum continued with the presentation of TXOGA’s 87th Distinguished Service Award to Don Evans, former United States Secretary of Commerce and Jay Pryor, former vice president of business development for Chevron.

“The Distinguished Service Award is one of the oldest and most prestigious honors bestowed on members of our industry,” Trevor Rees-Jones, chairman of Chief Oil and Gas and chairman of the Distinguished Service Award Committee, said in the release. “Since 1936, the Award has been chosen by industry leaders to recognize their colleagues for their extraordinary contributions to the oil and natural gas industry and to the nation. We are proud to add Secretary Evans and Jay Pryor to those ranks.”

During the Energy Forum, attendees enjoyed fireside chats with Halliburton President and CEO Jeff Miller and Kinder Morgan CEO Steve Kean and heard from speakers including Phillips 66 President and CEO Mark Lashier, U.S. Oil & Gas Association President Tim Stewart and Quantum Energy Partners Founder and CEO Wil VanLoh.

A panel focused on carbon initiatives included Greg Mathews, senior counsel for Chevron and Kim Krieger, chief operating officer of Production of BPX Energy. A legislative panel featured Texas State Senator Brandon Creighton and Texas State Representative Greg Bonnen.

Geopolitical analyst and author Peter Zeihan closed out the Forum during a lunchtime keynote address.