Makeup artist Florian Hurel shares tips to achieve desired hair colour | Lifestyle Beauty

New Delhi: Hair colour can enhance a person’s personality and character. Some people change their hair colour for a change, while others do so to seem different. It could also mean a sense of relief for those who are going through a major transition or under extreme stress. People go through many periods of life, and as previously stated, it improves one’s appearance and makes one feel better.

Florian Hurel is a celebrity makeup artist and hair specialist, who has worked on a wide range of projects, including editorial giants like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, Grazia, Femina and Red Carpet Events like Cannes, IFFA, and others. He has been an educator for the longest time with a total international experience of 17 + years making him A Global Ambassador for Hair Giants “Schwarzkopf Professional”.

Florian speaks to IANSlife about everything about hair dye with Schwarzkopf Professional’s extension of the Royal Igora launch.

What method of DIY hair colouring at home is the safest? How can one achieve a salon-quality look at the home?

Hair colouring is an art and one really devotes time to achieving perfection in mastering it. I would personally recommend you to visit a salon for hair colour and let the experts do their job.

Is the only way to achieve the ideal colour for hair dye bleaching?

Not at all! You do not have to bleach your hair to achieve the desired hair colour. Professional brands like Schwarzkopf Professional are working on curating colour formulations that do not harm your hair while protecting the roots. The latest revamp of the hair colour range by Schwarzkopf Professional addresses this very concern, offering an incredible formulation curated for all kinds of hair. Igora Royal assures stunning performance and 100 per cent reliability. All the shades are perfectly inter-mixable, so it’s easy to work with Dual Application Techniques for a true colour match across the different Igora ranges without damaging the hair. Most colours are integrated with fibre bond technology that minimises breakage.


What hair colouring product do you prefer to use?

As an artist, I am not in a position to compromise with clients who invest their faith in me. I only believe in using the best to deliver the best. The latest hair colour range — Igora Royal by Schwarzkopf Professional is my holy grail these days. The formulation is great, the packaging is sustainable and it guarantees protection to virgin hair.

How would you describe the Schwarzkopf Professional’s Royal Igora extension?

IGORA ROYAL, known for its standard-setting innovation continues to be the expert name synonymous with hair colour. From classic expertise to fashion trends and inspiration, the brand offers the most advanced, high-performance and reliable solutions for all colour services and therefore has been the trusted choice of hairdressers. The brand understands the Indian consumers’ desire for high-performing and caring colour formulations that enable creative expressions. The new range offers a wider assortment with newer shades comprising natural and fashion shades, developed to suit the Indian skin tone. What’s more, they are sustainably packaged to reduce the environmental footprint. The new range enables consumers to choose the trendiest looks that seamlessly complement their personality through expression, creativity and individuality.

What value do Schwarzkopf Professionals bring, and why do they require your skills?

Schwarzkopf Professional continues to deliver better formulation with every range that they bring to the table along with powerful colour performance. I feel as a hairstylist, I can bridge the gap of information between the brand and its audience.