Malaika Arora’s trainer speaks of yoga asanas for cheat days | Watch | Health

All of us have faced days when we have the cravings of cheating on our diet. With all the nutritious diet plans around, we keep craving for a bite of our guilty pleasures, like pizza or burgers or food items that we absolutely love but which are dipped in loads of calories and can make our workout plans go to waste. However, that’s what cheat days are for, isn’t it? To forget all about being healthy and delve into pleasures of delectable dishes which are forbidden to us on all the other days. However, these cheat days add to a lot of calorie intake of the body, which can make us gain a lot of weight.

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But there are ways to shed the extra calories of the cheat days as well. Sarvesh Shashi, yoga trainer to multiple Bollywood celebrities such as Malaika Arora and Jacqueline Fernandez, is known for sharing such fitness and yoga related insights on his Instagram profile on a regular basis. With his recent Instagram post, Sarvesh got us covered on the cheat day meal plan as well. Sarvesh noted down five yoga asanas that can help in shedding the extra calories and controlling the weight. “When you can’t cut calories from your diet, burn them off with these tough but effective poses so you remember the next time to avoid binge eating. Don’t skip yoga, especially on days you cheat on your diet,” read an excerpt of Sarvesh’s Instagram post. Here are the yoga asanas that Sarvesh suggested:



Setu Bandasana



These yoga asanas come with multiple health benefits. Utkatasana, or the chair pose, helps in strengthening the shoulders and improving the core strength. Dhanurasana, on the other hand, helps in strengthening the ankles, thighs, chest, neck and shoulders. Setu Bandasana helps in improving blood circulation and stimulating the lungs, thyroid glands, and abdominal organs. Bhujangasanahelps in opening the heart and the lungs and strengthening the spine. Navasana, or the boat pose, helps in stretching the hamstrings and alleviating tension and stress.