Modern Italian furniture for home decor

Although few consider it because they are lovers of the exotic, Italian design is highly appreciated for home furnishings. Our style is modern, captivating, not an end in itself. We can rather define it as an element that characterizes our country, our land, which in turn is divided into different realities in terms of geographic location, materials and functionality required of the furnishing accessory. For this reason and for many others, Italian design is experienced in our country but also abroad as a varied and fascinating mix of history, culture and materials. If we need to furnish a home we decide to buy Italian furniture, we can range between styles and creations depending on the type of environment we want to create, as Pacini & Cappellini‘s modern Italian furniture proposed. 

It comes natural to wonder what are the styles of Italian furniture? Well, for those who do not know the material, the typical design of the Italian style on the furniture is divided by areas. For example, in central Italy the dominant style is that of exposed beams, stone, fireplaces and solid wood furniture often handcrafted, with many wrought iron finishes. If we move to the northern regions, on the other hand, we completely change course, starting from the wide range of colors: the furniture in this case is in some ways more modern, using materials such as glass for the tables, leather for the sofas and furniture with well-defined lines, without machining and essential. 

What about southern Italy, where the furniture is characterized by the presence of unique materials, characteristic of those lands, such as wicker, solid wood and stone, playing on contrasting shades for the furnishing accessories, which must recall the beauty of the climate Mediterranean, hot and arid, but still maritime. Precisely for this unique combo of its kind, our furniture is present and sought after all over the world, and is appreciated and loved by connoisseurs of the sector. If we wanted to use it in our country, there are different ways of completing the style we have chosen. 

Furnishing our home according to modern Italian furniture means unleashing the imagination, searching from hues to the most unique colors, for a passion for different styles capable of creating an environment that will amaze not only those who live in the house every day, but also the friends and relatives when you host them; it also means never stopping having fun, looking for all those elements that will complete our space: carpets, curtains, tools, objects and details that will not only complete our furnishings, but will help create a unique home.