Moment Tele 58mm lens review

Until recently, I never really saw the point in lenses for your smartphone. The best camera phones (opens in new tab) are now so good, why would I bother investing money into something that would make my phone bulkier? 

Well, if you want to take better quality images and videos that look more professional, a phone lens is a smart solution and the Moment 58mm Tele lens is up there with some of the better phone lenses.

Moment 58mm Tele Lens: Specification

Dimensions: 27.58 x 39.5mm
Weight: 73.1g
Resolution (Axis): 300+ LP/MM
Resolution (Edges): 200 LP/MM
Lateral chromatic aberration: <1px at edge
Distortion: <0.75%
Equivalent focal length (over iPhone Wide Lens): 58mm
Minimum focus distance: 7.25″ / 184.15mm (varies between phone models)
Optical design: All glass, 6 elements, 4 groups
Lens coating: Multi-layer, low flare, broadband anti-reflection

Moment 58m tele photo lens

(Image credit: Hannah Rooke / Digital Camera World)