Mother’s Day: Seven ways to keep your mother’s health and ensure her well-being

Mothers are conditioned to think about the health of their family, over their own. This conditioning has often made them ignore their own well-being. When we talk about honouring mothers, we ought to consider their health, too.

“A mother’s health often takes a back seat when juggling parenting, job life, and social commitments, presenting as a variety of physical disorders. Mothers are the foundation of our families and generations. With keeping aside their health issues, sometimes it results in deteriorated health, manifesting as ailments such as PCOS, diabetes, anaemia, obesity, thyroid, hypertension, and even cancer,” says Kanchan Naikawadi, preventive healthcare specialist and joint managing director at Indus Health Plus.

She lists the following seven ways to ensure their health and well-being; read on.

* Encourage timely and healthy meals

The first step in dieting is to eliminate the unhealthy, junk food that contributes to increased cholesterol, sugar levels, hormone imbalances, and blood pressure. Women are twice as likely to acquire health problems as a result of poor eating habits. Share healthy food recipes for her overall health.

“Encourage your mother to eat well by eating and cooking with her. She will enjoy your company and become stricter in her eating habits. You can even order a genetic testing kit that will help her understand her genetic tendencies to certain foods, vitamins and overall well-being, including weight balance,” says Naikawadi.

* Take care of her fitness

They are so indulged in household chores that they do not pay attention to their fitness. Make it a habit to spend some time with her while exercising. Motivate her to do yoga asanas. They love spending time with their children. Maintain a fitness routine with her and take out some time to discuss if she is facing any health issues.

* Make sure she is hydrated

If mom is in-charge of the kitchen, you can make sure she drinks enough water, healthy juices, and detox drinks. These drinks don’t take long to prepare.

* Keep a check on her micronutrients

Women’s bodies begin to lack key minerals like calcium and iron beyond the age of 35. Furthermore, due to poor diet, two out of every five women suffer from vitamin deficiencies. Make sure your mother takes her suggested supplements on a daily basis in order to live a healthy life.

* Maintain a timetable

This is true in terms of eating, sleeping, and exercising. Many mothers continue to juggle their eating schedules. Dinners must remain light. It’s critical to cultivate the habit of eating and sleeping at the same time. Everything in us operates on a timetable.

* Regular screening

Regular screening and checkups not only help in keeping check of her health issues, but also in early detection and treatment, in case of any abnormalities.

* Spend time with her

Moms may not often admit it, but they love to spend quality time with you. Most of us are caught up in our regular work and schedule; we tend to not notice their loneliness. Sit with her, listen to her, talk to her and share your feelings.

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