New Name of The Law Firm of Davidoff & Associates

QUEENS, N.Y., Aug. 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Law Firm of Davidoff & Associates is now known as Davidoff Law in Queens, New York. The name change signifies a new chapter for the firm, marked by new growth and continued dedication to providing clients with outstanding legal counsel.

Davidoff Law is the new name of The Law Firm of Davidoff & Associates in Queens, New York. Founder and Managing Attorney Ruben Davidoff announced the name change to mark a new chapter for the firm. Davidoff Law and its legal team look forward to future growth and more remarkable case results for personal injury clients.

The name change to Davidoff Law does not mean that the firm will be changing its approach to plaintiff representation, though. Davidoff Law is still committed to delivering the same high-caliber legal service and representation that made it a known name across the five boroughs. The firm will still be able to take a case to settlement negotiations or courtroom litigation against nationwide insurance companies and prominent defense firms. The firm still offers free initial case evaluations and the services of informed legal counsel that stay in close communication as a case progresses.

Davidoff Law is different in name, but not in the spirit of its practice. Anyone who requires legal counsel and representation after an accident in Queens or the surrounding area of New York can continue to depend on the firm.

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