Screened-in porch ideas – design & decor for covered spaces

If screened-in porch ideas are top of your research list for the summer and beyond, then the projects that follow are bound to inspire. ‘Ideally, a house should mostly be about having a wonderful range of places to enjoy Inside and out, particularly in the countryside’ says Alan Barlis, principal architect at Barlis Wedlick, a New York and Hudson-based firm behind a number of enviable homes in Upstate New York. ‘A screened-in porch is a must-have in most upstate locales to allow free roaming from key interior rooms through wide open doorways for a fluid indoor-outdoor space,’ he explains.  

On a practical level, a screened-in porch offers year-round protection from insects, sun and rain. ‘Screened porches combine the traditional Southern porch with wire mesh material, which was first used for window screens in the mid-19th century,’ explains Jim Poteet, founder of San Antonio practice Poteet Architects. ‘In the time before air-conditioning, cross-ventilation was vital to keep houses cool in hot, humid climates.  Screened porches are still greatly useful today and can be easily adapted to modern construction styles. The screening lends a scrim effect that reinforces the idea of an outdoor room.’