Simple yoga asanas for a ‘healthy uterus’

Just like any other body part, it is important to keep the reproductive organs in perfect health by consuming a nutritious diet and exercising regularly. There are also certain asanas that can help.

Detailing the yoga asanas that aid uterus health, yoga teacher Smriti Vashisht took to Instagram and wrote: “These yoga asanas are going to improve blood circulation and work on the health of your egg quality”.

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She also demonstrated a few poses that can be done on a regular basis.


*Sit with your back straight, knees bent at either sides, and the soles of your feet touching each other.
*Draw your feet as close to your body; it should feel comfortable.
*Then flatten your bent legs and apply some pressure onto the knees while your feet remain close to each other. Bend forward slightly.
*Bring them close to your chest. That is one repetition.

“The hip-opening asana is going to remove all the emotional toxins from your body in addition to heal your uterus and your ovaries. Inhale as knees go up, exhale as you come down,” said Vashisht.

Parivaritta Janu Shirshasana variation

Sit straight. Bend one knee while keeping the other leg stretched out sideways. Bend forward with your hands stretched out. Keep your core strong. “Inhale, hands up; exhale, down,” she said.


Sit straight and spread your legs on the side. Interlock your fingers and stretch them at shoulder level. Take a deep breath. Bend forward and assume that you are using a grinder and move your hand over your toes to complete one repetition.

“Our ancestors would use products like chakki or the traditional grinding stone in their routine which would keep them healthy,” she said while suggesting that one should avoid in case of slipped disc, or severe lower back issues.


To do this asana, sit in a squat position with your spine straight.
Keep the shoulders relaxed. Stay for a few breaths and then straighten the legs to come out of the asana.

“Avoid in case of knee pain,” suggested Vashisht.

Yoga Try these hip openers for better hip mobility (Source: Pexels)


*Spread your legs. Slowly, move on your hands and torso forward to bend as low as you can. Hold the position for a few breaths. Inhale as your move forward, exhale while coming down.

Avoid in case of slipped disc, said Vashisht, who added that men, too, can do these exercises for good overall health.

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