Tech 100 Highlights Tech Innovation in Northern Virginia

With all of the talk of tech layoffs and a crunch in the tech market, it’s important to remember that open technology positions continue to far outpace the supply of talent – particularly in the Northern Virginia region, where technology innovation and government need meet.

ClearanceJobs recently chatted with Jennifer Taylor, president and CEO of the Northern Virginia Technology Council. NVTC is the region’s technology trade organization and at the heart of cybersecurity growth in the nation’s capital. Taylor described the role of NVTC, which is comprehensive. At it’s heart, NVTC is a hub and “regional tech council that brings together all the players in our vibrant tech system,” Taylor explained.

Northern Virginia benefits from its location outside of the nation’s capital along with talent “born out of universities and colleges.” And while there are many players in the region who are household names – companies like AWS and CACI, “there are so many fantastic tech companies in our region that people may not be aware of.”

And that’s where a tech council like NVTC comes in.

“It’s really incredible when you meet these innovators and learn about these products and technologies they’re advancing,” said Taylor. Companies like Airgility, GroupSense, Shift5, Tenable, and diverse voices across the tech and government space can come together and collaborate on mission need and technological innovation.

“We bring that whole tech ecosystem together,” said Taylor. That helps companies in a variety of ways. Technologies can partner with service providers and support functions, and finding the right partner can really help make the entire tech community stronger.

Tech 100 Highlights Hottest Tech Companies

One program NVTC is gearing up for today is Tech 100. Tech 100 “highlights the cutting-edge companies, executives, innovators, NextGen leaders, and rising stars who are driving innovation, implementing new solutions for their customers, and leading the region’s growth.” A special awards ceremony and red carpet event is being held to honor award recipients December 6 at Capital One Hall. Tickets are still available. 

“Award programs are important because it’s the opportunity to highlight up and coming companies, start up companies,” said Taylor. “Also, it’s really important for companies to recognize the people behind their tech innovation.”

Tech 100 is just one opportunity gathering together leaders, individual technologists and business professionals in the region to connect, collaborate, and network. NVTC isn’t just for senior executives, but a place all players across the space can come together to plan their next opportunity.

“The next generation of talent and these leaders are what make our region so fantastic,” said Taylor.