Tech Innovations for Home Automation

Advances in technology have brought many benefits. One of the most outstanding is the ability to make houses smart. This has, in a sense, reduced your home’s reliability to you and somehow allowed it to “think” for itself while still giving you control in a luxurious, efficient and comfortable manner.


Technology is getting more advanced every day. If you look around, you can easily see that many things are now digitized and can be done with the click of a finger. And for your home, you can now wirelessly control your home using some of the best home innovation gadgets. These innovative home gadgets monitor your home with built-in security systems and make your job easier than ever. For example, a user-friendly control system for actuator can help you manage many home automation projects.


What are the major perks of home automation?

Time-saving opportunity

We live in a rapidly changing world and we have so much to do and not enough time. We usually want to multi-task when our schedule seems overwhelming. home automation allows you to simultaneously solve several household tasks. With the help of notifications on the phone, all tasks are carried out efficiently, taking into account their schedule.


Money-saving solutions

Electricity and water costs contribute a significant portion of current household expenses. Automation allows you to save a lot on this without sacrificing your comfort. For example, a smart thermostat can detect when you’re not at home and adjust the temperature accordingly. A smart shower allows you to control not only the temperature but also the amount of water and the time of taking a shower.


Absolute Control

You’ve probably been familiar with the perpetual problem of people leaving their oven on or glowing on or whether they close the door. Well with home automation, all they have to do is look at their phone. You can close the door and turn off the lights and household appliances with one touch. What’s more, there is also an option to automatically turn off the lights when they exit the door.


Enhance your home security

Security has always been a big concern for most homeowners. Thanks to new technologies, homeowners can now improve safety around the home. Today it is easy to connect a motion detector, cameras, and smart doorbells to one mobile device. The owner sees who is approaching the door and receives warnings of burglary attempts, no matter if he is at home or in another country.


New Home Automation Technologies to Know About

We have selected five widely applied home automation projects to demonstrate what benefits you can receive using them and how “clever” they are.


Smart Lock

You don’t need any keys to lock or unlock your house. The smart lock connects to your mobile phone via Wi-Fi, detects you when you are nearby, and unlocks itself. The most interesting part of this smart lock is that you can grant access to selected people and only they can enter your home, restricting others. This is a really good solution in terms of security. This is done by issuing a smart key, and it can be scheduled for different times, such as 24 X 7, for a week, or even for several hours.


Intelligent Thermostat

With a regular thermostat, you have to manually change the temperature every time, and that’s pretty annoying. If you forget to replace it, your heating and cooling bills will be high. You can solve these problems with a self-learning thermostat. This allows you to change the value by moving the ring and it starts learning. It watches the values you set for the week and starts setting itself, preparing the schedule.


Special Door Ring

This special ring can replace your default doorbell. You can talk to visitors without opening the door. It has intelligent motion detection, HD video, and cloud recording. Ring provides a good level of security when someone arrives (and you might be outside) by notifying you and allowing you to speak to them. You can see the person you are talking to, but he cannot see you. You can pretend to be in the house even when you are outside. Your mobile receives alerts of any activity using built-in motion sensors.



Piper is a new way of video surveillance, home security, and home automation. This allows you to keep an eye on your home when you are away, right from your mobile phone. It has 180 live HD cameras that let you watch what’s happening in your home whenever you want from your mobile phone. With it, you can even control lighting and other household appliances.


TV lifter with linear actuators

Saving your inner abode space and making it spacious is extremely popular today. The less uncluttered the rooms are, the better people feel inside. To transform your old TV stand or invent an entirely new TV lift like drop-down TV against the wall or from the ceiling. You do not need too much: electric linear actuators, wireless remote, and some additional complementary elements. When you enter the room, you do not observe any massive stands and simply by pressing the button, your TV screen starts to appear in the necessary position.

Tech Innovations for Home Automation