The Travel Institute Releases 5th Edition of Its Geography Reference Guide

How to Become a Travel Agent

Photo: The Travel Institute 

The latest edition of the Travel Institute’s Exploring the World tourism geography reference guide is now available on its website.

The guide is designed specifically for frontline travel advisors and the latest edition includes more new destinations, including sights, attractions, local cuisine updates, and more. Advisors are able to use the guide to get info on some trip-planning specifics, including peak travel dates, safety and security information, and transportation. Each of the 15 chapters includes maps, graphics, summaries, and more to allow an advisor to learn on his or her own time.

The fifth edition includes extensive updates for Canada, Bermuda, South America, the Antarctic, the U.K., and Ireland.

“Exploring The World goes well beyond basic geography,” said Guida Botelho, CTIE, the director of education for The Travel Institute.

“It cuts through endless data sources to give agents a validated what-to-do-and-see, when-to-go, and how-to-get-around look at the top cities, countries, and regions of the world. It’s truly a kaleidoscope of possibilities.”

The guide was first published in 2001 and went online in early 2021. The Travel Institute still publishes the printed textbook, too, which can be purchased through its website. The book can also be bundled with TRIPKIT, the Travel Institute’s flagship training course for new-to-industry agents.