The tree planting companies that care about our planet

The tree planting companies that care about our planet

To plant trees is to prepare for the future. That’s why tree planting companies create resilient and self-sustaining forests. Whether you  plant a fruit tree in your garden, throw seed bombs around abandoned plots, grow a forest of native trees or have tree planting companies  do the planting for you, each tree makes a difference. Great, you have decided to plant some trees! Now what? Well, basically you dig a hole in a nice spot, put the roots of the young tree in the hole and then put back the soil, covering up the roots of the tree. Don’t forget to water it. But hold on… if you want your tree to be happy and to thrive, a lot of factors should be considered. Different trees are better suited for different conditions. That’s why there’s no banana trees growing in the arctic. Tree planting companies have the right experience and expertise to know everything about which trees to plant where and when.

Happy trees grow stronger

What makes a tree happy? That depends on the tree. Some trees prefer cold weather and a lot of rain, yet some like it hot. Some trees like the mountains and some trees like the beach. Some don’t like to have their toes in the water, others can’t stand to be without it. Certain trees like to hug or touch their neighbors, and some require a lot of space. Trees exist in all shapes and sizes. There’s pioneers who do great as the first settlers on rough land and inhospitable terrain, and there’s followers who like the soil well prepared by a long succession. There’s evergreens who keep their green and leaves, and deciduous trees who shed their leaves.

Trees to heal the land

As diverse as they come, trees generally occur and flourish where they fit in best. A lot can be learned by observing the local flora and what is naturally already existing. Imitating nature by selecting native trees is a solid choice for any tree planting projects, because native trees  naturally fit in and require far less care in terms of watering. By carefully selecting and planting native tree species that are suitable for the area where you’re planting, nature is given a chance to come back. Trees are generous, in return for a little attention from you towards their happiness they will give back in a multitude of ways. As they develop, they capture carbon, regenerate ecosystems and heal degenerating land. They provide clean air, food, shade, shelter and water for generations to come. All they need is to be planted with love.