Three Mod Mood Boards for a Wet Bar Makeover


Upgrade cocktail hour with these mood boards for the ultimate wet bar, courtesy of three local kitchen designers.

Photo by Toan Trinh / Styling by Gabrielle Vu

Top Shelf

Inspired by after-work drinks with her girlfriends, Donna Venegas of Venegas and Company imagined this “elegant but playful bar” that combines lighter tones, plum-tinted glass, and metallic accents.

1 Marble tile, DiscoverTile.

2 Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry brass backsplash panel, Venegas and Company.

3 Tracy Glover Studio “Rondel” glass sconce sample, Lucía Lighting & Design.

4 “Alligator Auburn” leather floor tile, EcoDomo.

5 “IPZ-25” stainless steel and brass wire mesh, Banker Wire.

6 “Art Selenite” bowl, Modern Relik.

7 Barware, designer’s own.

8 The Galley “Satin Black” PVD stainless steel finish sample, Clarke at 7 Tide.

9 Yes Cocktail Co. “Double Oaked Old Fashioned” bitters-infused sugar cubes, the Boston Shaker.

10 “Anvil” metal-coated wood countertop sample, Grothouse.

11 Premier Custom-Built Cabinetry “Iridescent Pearl” wood finish sample, Venegas and Company.

12 Vintage glassware, designer’s own.

13 “Reverse Bevel” white quartz shelf, TBR Marble & Granite.

Photo by Toan Trinh / Styling by Gabrielle Vu

On the Rocks

For Amanda Oliveira O’Brien of Casa Design Group, great design means natural harmony. Working with warm earth tones, she pairs textured stones and polished metals with fine woven materials to create a touch of modern sophistication.

1 + 11 Omexco “Collages” wallcovering, the Romo Group.

2 “Structures” melamine cabinet front, Dada Kitchens.

3 “Ruggine” cotton-silk wall paneling, Rimadesio.

4 Acrylic rope, Gloster.

5 Painted-crystal glass cabinet front, Giorgetti.

6 “Moleanos Brushed” limestone, Dada Kitchens.

7 Polyester-wool samples, Limited Edition.

8 “Bronze” metal toe kick, Molteni&C.

9 “Camoscio Stone,” “Nabuk Terra,” and “Axum 3” textiles, Henge.

10 Glass pendant light, Terzani.

12 “Travertine Titan” marble, Dada Kitchens.

13 “Moonstone” lacquer finish sample, Ego Paris.

14 Peltrox painted glass cabinet front, Giorgetti.

15 “Polished Black Nickel” lighting finish sample, Bec Brittain.

16 + 17 “Petite Brass Basket” tea strainer and clay coffee mug, both Stitch and Tickle.

Photo by Toan Trinh / Styling by Gabrielle Vu

Happy Hour

Jodi Swartz of KitchenVisions dreamed up a space for that hard-working woman who needs to kick up her feet and pour a cocktail at the end of the day. Swartz pulls in inviting leathers, various metals, organic shapes, and vintage elements.

1 Imperia “Acorn” white-oak cabinet door, KitchenVisions.

2 Viski crystal punch cup, Interiors Home Décor & More.

3 “Rome” antique glass mirror, Architectural Glass Effects.

4 + 5 Wood coaster and vintage domino, both designer’s own.

6 “White Pom Pom” faux floral stems, Laurel Grove.

7 “Skins Dreamland” wallcovering, Porcelanosa.

8 + 17 Sabbath-Day Woods “Geometric” cutting boards, both Interiors Home Décor & More.

9 Vintage salt-and-pepper brass spoons, designer’s own.

10 Lunada Bay Tile “Shinju Mirai” ceramic tile, Tiles Plus More.

11 “Anthem” porcelain tile, Garden State Tile.

12 PentalQuartz “Vivalioro” quartz, Divine Stoneworks.

13 Cancos “Alloy” aluminum glass tile, Tiles Plus More.

14 “Diamond Commune” cotton-rayon textile, West Elm.

15 Tuscan leather textile, Maiden Home.

16 “Initial” marble-and-brass bottle opener, Laurel Grove.

18 Top Knobs “Sanctuary” metal hardware, KitchenVisions.

19 Antique brass decorative grill, Designs of Distinction.