Top 5 Best Web Hosting Providers Perfectly Tailored for Your Website in 2022


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Your website deserves the best web hosting providers, whether for professional or personal purposes. But not every hosting platform may give you what you need. Narrowing down your preferences can work: Are you looking for fully managed WordPress hosting services and similar offers? What about dedicated servers?

Truly, running a website can be complicated. But here’s how you can bump the level from moderation to easy. Learn more about web hosting providers, what they do, and how to choose one that suits your preferences.

What Is a Web Host Provider?

To set the record straight, websites need reliable hosting services. That’s because they need a provider to deliver them a room on dedicated servers. You can make your servers, but that would require advanced expertise. The cost required from you would also be unbearable.

A web hosting provider functions as a way to give you space on a server. You can stash all files that helped build your website in its entirety on this said server. What are those files? It might be images, files, scripts, codes, etc.

How Do I Choose a Web Hosting Provider?

There are different kinds of web hosting services. To choose which one suits you, let’s try to differentiate them. So far, the most known are Virtual Private Servers, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, and managed hosting. In VPS, you have your private server, which is much more secure. Dedicated hosting means a server only stores your website. Shared hosting refers to sharing the server allocation with other websites.

Then managed hosting can be any of the three mentioned. Except, you have extra support from the provider you’ll choose. Hence, the word ‘managed.’

Who Is the Best Website Hosting Provider?

The best website hosting provider largely depends on what website you’re trying to run and optimize. Business websites can be handy; you might want a managed hosting provider to lessen your burden. Or you could be a small business wanting security. A VPS might suit you better. Whatever you’re aiming for, we might have the answers for you below. Here are the top 5 best web hosting providers for 2022:

#1 Nexcess

With over 20 years of experience in extensive testing, premium support, and hosting services, Nexcess quickly widens its gap among other platforms in the market of web hosting providers. One of its best features is the powerful experience provided by managed hosting for WordPress.


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Nexcess lets you build better websites with Managed WordPress Hosting. It also comes with built-in smart monitoring tools for a faster, more secure, and scalable website of your choice. But that’s not the only option you have. This hosting provider also presents Managed WooCommerce Hosting, Managed Magento Hosting, and other features you can take advantage of.

Key Features

Fully Managed WordPress Hosting, Magento, and WooCommerce Hosting:

Managed WordPress Hosting isn’t the only perk you’ll have together with Magento and WooCommerce. You can also access fast and reliable page loads, as well as hosting services with a multitude of built-in extras. It comes with automatic updates and round-the-clock monitoring. Plus, it offers 24/7/365 Support via phone, chat, or email if you need technical support. It guarantees 99.99% uptime and offers free WordPress migration with every plan.


Want to get into business right away? Nexcess’s online store builder crafts an impressive storefront so you can earn right away. Unlike other online stores, StoreBuilder has a lot of offers for you, including premium features for free and more customization options. This also includes no transaction fees and no expensive add-ons.


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Some attributes you can enjoy are the following:

  • Intuitive design features so you can produce remarkable online stores that’ll easily turn heads. Another thing — no need to hire a designer or write a code, too.
  • Own your store and gain complete freedom & flexibility over how you want your website to come out. Profits, designs, and everything else solely belong to you.
  • Easy to maintain and powered by WooCommerce, so you can obtain regular updates, access automated sales, and use performance tools.

Cloud Hosting and Enterprise Hosting:

Whether you’re running a small business or well-performing eCommerce stores, Nexcess’s cloud hosting solutions will satisfy your needs. You have auto-scaling, PCI compliance, and comprehensive development tools on your hand. These tools are designed to give dynamicity, flexibility, and a fully managed cloud environment.

At the same time, you also get secured and high-performing enterprise hosting. The support is best-in-class, and the uptime is utterly unrivaled. To find the right setup for your business, enterprise hosting also offers pre-sales cluster architects.

Overall, no matter what type of website you have in mind, Nexcess remains undefeated with its services. It does exceptionally well in hosting, migrating, creating a website, integrating with external platforms, etc. Plus, it is endowed with a few features on hand. You have everything you need to drive your website or business to success.


  • Offers the best support, be it in Magento, WooCommerce or WordPress managed hosting
  • Created by a group of experts while also complemented by their incessant support team
  • Has features like free white-glove site migration, proactive service monitoring, and Magento Master on staff
  • Highly scalable and ready for volume spikes in just a click
  • PHP optimized and PHP 7 support with 99.99% uptime
  • Guaranteed security to keep your website safe and secure via 24/7 Monitoring alerts, Premium SSL Certs, PCI-certified for compliance, and Proactive Patching & Updates
  • Faster and better than other website hosting providers
  • Helps drive traffic and maintains it through near-instant asset caching, auto platform & plug-in updates, customizable tech stacks, and Container add-ons.


  • No freemium version
  • A few helpful features are available but costly

There’s no doubt that Nexcess exclusively caters to beginners and experienced website creators/business owners. If you belong in either category, know that Nexcess is a web hosting provider you should never miss. Try and see it for yourself and enjoy your first 30 days using its StoreBuilder for free!

#2 Bluehost

Once you do a quick search on the best web hosting provider, Bluehost surfaces on top, thanks to its popularity. People launching their first website found an ally with its beginner-friendly interface. It’s suitable for both personal and professional purposes, even for those who haven’t decided what to do with a website yet.


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You can instantly install WordPress in just one click and the other apps downloadable in its own-built marketplace. It delivers helpful analytics and SEO tools to follow your website’s ranking when it comes to specific keywords.

When upgrading from scratch to a growing website, you may want to find features to help you navigate toward success. Fortunately, Bluehost has a lot in store for you. You can have managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, and more.

Overall, Bluehost covers all you need to start a website from the beginning to your development. It also helps that they set 24/7 phone and live chat whenever you find yourself in a whirlwind of problems.

Core Features and Benefits

  • Offers managed WordPress hosting
  • Supports WooCommerce and other websites
  • Comes with a website builder
  • Provides dedicated VPS and shared hosting
  • Has professional services if you need help

#3 DreamHost

Another web hosting provider with stellar offerings is DreamHost. One of its competitive edges is its multiple ways of managing its web hosts. Unlike other platforms, you won’t have a standard control panel. Rather, you’ll get your hands on a completely customized one so you can easily manage your website. This is a great tool for advanced website owners to oversee website controls.


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What makes DreamHost a catch for newbies is their prices. A free unlimited shared hosting plan is up for grabs when running a nonprofit organization and the like. This is also helpful to novices since they won’t have to invest money right away. Indeed, that’s a deal you cannot beat.

Moreover, DreamHost also belongs to WordPress’ roster of recommended hosts. You get a managed WordPress hosting even in its basic plans. But if you’re upgrading, it also offers a managed plan with what they call DreamPress.

Should you need professional help, DreamHost’s customer service leans more on traditional ways. Live chat is only open during business hours, but the email support is available 24/7. Although one of the most affordable pricing plans, technical support requires paying additional fees unless you spring for two premium plans available: the DreamPress Plus or Pro-managed WordPress plans.

Core Features and Benefits

  • Provides privacy and security
  • Offers extensive domain-management features
  • Has cloud hosting offerings
  • Provides unlimited data transfers every month
  • Has a useful WordPress staging attribute

#4 HostGator

Let’s say you already know what your business will be about. No other choice can satisfy you than HostGator. But the thing with HostGator is you can only create simple websites without a razzle-dazzle. It helps if you think a boatload of extra features is unnecessary.


(Photo : Screenshot from HostGator Official Website)

You can have a website with your contact info, a perfect landing page, and any page you wish to create. It’s worth noting that this web hosting provider also functions as a portfolio. Though it provides a simple website interface, you can still use HostGator’s extensive list of how-to guides for better technical support.

Speaking of support, HostGator includes it all in its plans unlike other website hosting providers. If you want a cheap hosting plan that includes support, this is the host for you. But if you’re aiming for more advanced websites, there’s a tad bit of a learning curve when it comes to taking advantage of their advanced option.

HostGator offers Windows, Linux, Cloud, and VPS hosting. Similar to other platforms mentioned above, it also has managed WordPress hosting and dedicated servers. Overall, it’s recommendable for simple deployment and uses. It has everything you need but simpler.

Core Features and Benefits

  • Offers Managed WordPress hosting, dedicated servers, VPS servers, etc
  • Registers and transforms domains or builds a website from the start
  • Has one-click installation with an unmetered bandwidth
  • Shows serious consideration for your privacy with a free SSL cert

#5 Liquid Web

Web hosting providers aren’t meant to set forth similar attributes. Liquid Web exists to provide a different hosting experience. Since its creation, it has been specializing in full comprehension of goals to engineer a perfectly-tailored solution for businesses.

Liquid Web

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Liquid Web offers a broad lineup of services built the way you wish to manage your website. Besides managed WordPress hosting and the likes, it can also custom-build an Enterprise Hosting Solution.

Aside from that, it also handles server administration comprising hardware and network management. Together, it comes with an operating system and pre-installed software support. It is then accompanied by proactive security patches and updates as well as proactive service monitoring and restoration.

Key Features

Dedicated Servers:

With Liquid Web, your website is carefully attended by 24/7/365 on-site support. But that’s not the fun part yet. This hosting provider comes up with customizable dedicated servers. You get dedicated security and high-performance through real-time monitoring and a 100% power & network uptime guarantee.

Liquid Web

(Photo : Liquid Web)

In detail, here’s what you can expect:

  • Standard DDoS protection where you can obtain real-time monitoring capacities. Doing so helps mitigate threats. In general, it protects both your website and server from sudden malicious attacks.
  • A backup drive pre-installed on dedicated servers acts as a secondary solution to backup all your data.
  • A dedicated IP address ensures that both the security and accessibility of your server are improved.

VPS Hosting:

Liquid Web’s well-managed and cloud-based virtual private server or VPS hosting solutions layout the most reliable and powerful root access. It’s lightning-fast compared to other platforms. At the same time, it also has a plethora of features, such as:

  • Plesk and cPanel so you can easily enjoy managed VPS hosting, thanks to a system-level control. You can get your hands on automated updates, application deployment, and maintenance.
  • Tier-1 premium bandwidth that frontlines minimal latency yet swift connections to all points of the global internet.
  • Scalable in which you can upgrade or downgrade your managed VPS service with minimal downtime on your server.

Not just that. Since our top pick, Nexcess, is the sister company of Liquid Web, you can also enjoy managed hosting for WordPress, WooCommerce, and Magento. You also get Enterprise hosting or take advantage of their add-ons like email hosting, storage, backup, PCI-compliant hosting, HIPAA Compliant hosting, etc.


  • Powered by 24/7/365 support team committed to monitor your servers, mitigate risks, and help you optimize your website’s performance
  • Has 10 global data centers, including Lansing, MI, Phoenix, AZ, and Amsterdam, NL
  • Trusted by over 45,000 companies in 150+ countries and counting
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Offers auto-migrations, backups, and real-time monitoring
  • Every available plan has a GlobalSign SSL certificate


  • Can be pricey for beginners

In general, this web hosting provider lays down solid features, premium support, and fully managed WordPress hosting on dedicated VPS servers. Everything you can get on Liquid Web is highly scalable. It’s one of the best VPS hosting deals in the market, judging by its capabilities. Therefore, Liquid Web got you covered, especially with their VPS hosting as low as $15/month.

Final Thoughts

Deciding on what website hosting providers are the best for you can be tricky. You have a lot of options out there. Through our extensive search, we strongly suggest Nexcess with its Managed WordPress hosting, together with WooCommerce and Magento. Likewise, you might want to try Liquid Web’s managed hosting services and its VPS servers. Changing your mind on what you initially picked is often done. In case you want to reconsider, you can also try other hosting providers we chose for you.

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