Virgo season beauty, finance, fitness and more 2022 trends

Let’s get productive.

Welcome to Virgo Season, the time of the year where we revel in the abundance of the summer harvest and prepare for the transition to autumn. We can enjoy the fruits of our labor as we get productive to get ready to move toward the end of the year. 

The mighty Sun will dance in the fields of Virgo from August 23 until September 22. Virgo is symbolized by the Virgo and embodies our desire to be of service to others and the world around us. This Earth sign focuses us on finding the perfect work-life balance, as well as how we can build routines that improve our lives. Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign on the wheel, known as a Mutable sign.

This helps us to know how we can be flexible and adapt to others as we manifest our lives. Ruled by Mercurry, the planet of the mind and communication, Virgos embrace the details of life and comprehend how one can find better solutions. Take a deep dive into global trends and predictions for what’s hot—and what’s not in Fashion, Music, Fitness, Hair, & Finance (Cryptocurrency & NFTs!), Beauty, Culture, Travel, Social Impact and Film for Leo Season 2022! Do not miss it! Be sure to follow me, all my favs and everything in pop culture astrology to stay in the know!


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WHAT’S IN for Women’s & Men’s Fashion: Virgo Season brings summer to a close each year and as we turned the corner this summer, we can gather Fall fashion inspiration from the Fall 2022 Couture Season!  A Virgo’s incredible work ethic shines through the precise skill and craft of the artisans, ateliers and couturiers who execute couture designs.  These experts channel Virgo’s hardworking nature by spending countless hours on methodical tailoring, beading, embroidery and intricate construction in each collection.  Scroll through above for highlights and for inspiration on your Virgo fall wardrobe.


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WHAT’S IN: This month’s pick is the album “Cheat Codes.” Producer Danger Mouse and master rapper Black Thought (The Roots) bring it with this amazing collage of rhyme and old school sample goodness. This lo-fi hip-hop masterpiece with collaborations from Raekwon & A$AP Rocky is deserving of a listen from top to bottom. It’s rare in our singles driven era that an album weaves in and out of poetry and stories that compel you to listen until the very end. I had it on an endless loop the other day. It’s a fabulous soundtrack for a perfect summer day. Highly recommended!


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WHAT’S IN: Here’s your Virgo season fitness tip: Lunge To Sprinter Pose. I love this bodyweight movement. It works all the muscles that ground and stabilize you from the glutes to the hamstrings to the core! Enjoy!

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Don has previously spoken with the New York Post in regards to being a superhero trainer for mega stars such as Hugh Jackman and Blake Lively.

Women’s Hair Trends

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Model @tarynmanning with Hair by @brandonliberati : Makeup by @johnstapleton

WHAT’S IN: There is no reason to feel boring heading into Virgo! Warmth is this season’s hottest hair color trend! Cool toned hues are out this summer. Most of my celebrity clients are riding this trend like Taryn Manning of “Orange Is The New Black,” going from a cool blonde to this beautiful sun-kissed brunette. Get in on the fun.

Men’s Grooming & Hair Trends

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It’s my favorite month of the year: my birthday season! For all of my fellow Virgos, I know you can relate to our earthy, hardworking, focused, practical and business oriented minds.  We strive for perfection in everything we do, which is not necessarily a bad thing! 

Let’s take a look at other Virgo males that exemplify their Virgo traits in all aspects of their life not excluding their hair and grooming.

Here is an example of a “Virgo” Hair & Grooming Routine:  

  1. Face Wash AM/PM. 
  2. Moisturize AM/PM.
  3. Shampoo & Conditioner.
  4. Hair Styling Paste.
  5. Clean Face, shave.
  6. Bearded Face, Beard Oil.
  7. Deodorant
  8. Body Moisturizer
  9. Cologne 

Side Note: This routine is requested for all birth months, but from one Virgo to another, I know this routine has already been implemented for those born in September.

Kristan Serafino has recently worked with Ryan Reynolds, Danny Devito, Sir Kenneth Branagh and Richard Gere!

Beauty & Make-Up

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Virgo make-up
Hollywood make-up artist Lizzy Lawless channels Virgo season.

WHAT’S IN: Virgo season has arrived but don’t let this Earth sign fool you into just using earth tones for your makeup wardrobe! Sapphire is Virgo’s birthstone so personify Virgo season by wearing a sapphire colored liner and then pairing it with a soft brown lip color to incorporate Virgo’s corresponding astrological color.

Finance & Cryptocurrency

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Virgo money
Find out your Virgo financial predictions!
Getty Images/Science Photo Libra

WHAT’S IN: The strength of Virgo season has come upon us! Like any Virgo knows, there’s strength and mental clarity that comes with being in a community of like-minded individuals. However, it’s always important to make sure you stay open-minded and not allow yourself to stay too long in an echo chamber of your industry’s opinions.

LA Tech Week has officially arrived! With that comes a flood of different perspectives and creativity to addressing the world’s newest technology, changing global dynamics, and financial goals and issues. This month I encourage you to channel your Virgo energy into focusing on different solutions to issues that you care about. This means staying practical, and talking to others with differing opinions about reaching a common goal. We always get further as a team, and by working together with different perspectives, we may solve Earth’s problems. In the end, our financial sovereignty won’t mean too much if we can’t come together as a world and fix the issues plaguing it.

Special Tip:  It’s very important to surround yourself with people of different backgrounds, ideologies, concerns and perspectives. We need to stay down to Earth and open minded in order to invest and predict where this world is going.  You won’t put your money in the right place if you don’t keep an open mind to what others are thinking in this changing world.

Disclaimer: I am not a Financial Advisor. This is not financial advice. Please do your own research before investing.


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WHAT’S IN: I don’t know about you but I feel like I’ve spent the better part of 2022 playing catch up with friends, family and finances after the “Virus Which Shall Remain Nameless” had us shut down for two years! Virgo season has us wrapping up the third quarter of the year. Which begs the question: how do we finish the year strong when we’re already worn out? Well, who better than your resident Vibe Visionary Virgo to give you the low down on the best way to re-energize and reset that internal meter? Nobody. Virgos are often criticized for being… “hypercritical”—but from our perspective we’re simply obsessed with self and mutual improvement! For my birthday this year, I’ve decided to invite my closest friends and family for a wellness weekend in Joshua Tree, California.

Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

This small desert town is known for its rich native history, spectacular views and endless stargazing nights plus the rental homes are fabulous and affordable. Our agenda includes a guided hike through Joshua Tree National Park, sound bathing, guided yoga, a drum circle by the bonfire and we’re even making our own mini zen gardens! We will have a private chef for most meals but we also have an instructor conduct a cooking class where we will prepare a three course plant-based dinner. (Howling at the full Virgo moon will be optional, but strongly encouraged!) I am so looking forward to this relaxing and revitalizing weekend filled with laughs and love! Virgos thrive in clean energy and stress-free environments. This is the perfect season to stop, take a breather, and refocus for round four of 2022!


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WHAT’S IN: Virgo season is officially here and what better way to get in tune with your earthy side than a trip a bit off of the beaten path? Peru is the perfect destination for Virgo travelers and Virgo season is a fantastic time to visit Peru! The weather is great this time of year and being outside of the busy tourist season, flights and hotel rates are lower than peak times: great for the practical and money conscious Virgo energy! 

Spend time exploring local culture and also experience some of the top restaurants in the world in the capital of Lima, a vibrant Latin American metropolis whose historic center is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After spending time in Lima, make your way to Cusco, this city in the Andes Mountains that was once the capital of the Inca Empire and is considered the gateway to Machu Picchu. Visit Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley by Train for a more comfortable adventure or for the more adventurous traveler consider a 4 day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, which is a physical challenge perfect for the activity-motivated Virgo. 

Experience a connection to Pachamama (Mother Earth in many Andean Cultures). However you decide to get to Machu Picchu, it truly is a magical experience that all travelers should see at some point in their lives. After Machu Picchu, visit Lake Titicaca—the highest navigable lake in the world at 12,500 ft above sea level. Visit the city of Puno and stay on one of the floating islands, a group of 70 man made islands made out of local totora reeds.

Peru is certainly a celeb favorite as well and some stars that have been spotted on their travels in Peru include Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Zac Efron, and recently Aaron Rodger’s opened up about his recent “trips” in Peru.

Overall, a trip to Peru is a unique and inspirational experience perfect for Virgo season.

Social Impact

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Virgo trends
Celebrity tastemaker J’Net Nguyen speaks on how to create social impact in Virgo season.
Getty Images/fStop

WHAT’S IN: Virgo season is prime time for being of service to others. This period calls for grounding and intentionality as it closes into the last wave of summer. Dedicate at least 15 minutes of focus to evaluate how you can better serve your community within the coming weeks. Is this effort through time, talent or resources? And it’s perfectly fine to be realistic, even the smallest endeavors count and inspires goodwill! 

2.5 million children are homeless annually in the United States. With a new school year in fruition, spotlighted nonprofit The Assistance League of Los Angeles, an extraordinary agent of change, has been busy supplying thousands of at-risk youth with school supplies and other necessities for academic success. Consider contributing to their mission here

If you are interested in membership and volunteering, The League also has 120 local chapters nationwide—Find one nearest you! Volunteer solo, with friends or as a family…Supporters range from age 11 to 99! The Assistance League believes intergenerational activities lead to greater social connection and is key for a peaceful world!


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Big Night
“Big Night” is your Virgo season film to review from celebrity tastemaker Christian Seel.

WHAT’S IN: Big Night (1996)

If you’re looking for a profession that’s earthy, hardworking, methodical, focused, practical and business-minded, there are few more fitting than professional chefs and the restaurant world. Fans of this sub-genre will no doubt be familiar with Nicolas Cage’s Pig (2021) and Philip Barantini’s Boiling Point (2021). The show stealer of late, is the gripping FX series, The Bear (2022-) starring Jeremy Allen White. While these are great recent entries, I want to bring attention back to a mid-90’s classic, Big Night, starring Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub. It’s the story of two brothers running an Italian restaurant and their struggle to keep the business afloat. I cannot recommend this movie enough. The all-star cast also includes Ian Holm, Isabella Rossellini, Liev Schriber, Mini Driver and Marc Anthony. It’s a must-see for lovers of food and cooking.

Special shout out to Kristan Serafino and Apryl Joi for their birthday season! Enjoy the abundance of Virgo Season! You heard it here first.

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