Learn about LeBron James’s routine!

LeBron James has always been a big name in sports, namely, basketball. Nicknamed King James, he is one of the most popular NBA stars of all time. Often compared to Michael Jordan, James has several achievements under his belt, including four NBA championships, awards for NBA MVP, All-Star MVP, two Olympic gold medals, and the highest career points.

With his grit and determination on the field, James is frequently admired for his physique. Towering at a whopping 6’9″ at 250 pounds, it’s not easy to be LeBron James. Maintaining a physique like that takes immense discipline and dedication—outside of the court.

LeBron James’ diet and workout routine

Over the years, James has dropped several hints about his diet plan. The demanding energy of NBA games requires players to load up on their calories before setting off on a grueling 48-minute game.

In an interview with Business Insider, James revealed that he likes to keep it light before the game, sticking to some chicken and pasta or a veggie salad. Right before the game, he has a protein shake and some fruit. He saves his big meals for after the game, including several bottles of water!

James has also previously revealed that he cuts down on his sugar intake during the playoff season. This is because it slows down the recovery process. He also consumes a lot of carbohydrates during this time, so he has more energy to put out on the court.

Off-season, James enjoys indulging in some pizza and lots of wine. His social media is a testament to his love for wine, which he claims to have a glass of every day. And why not? Red wine is filled with polyphenols which, when consumed in moderation, can bring several health benefits. Apart from that, James is also said to have a big sweet tooth, having desserts with every meal.

Unlike his diet, James’s workout regimen is a lot more precise. He is quite particular about his modes of training, incorporating several types of equipment and accessories to stimulate blood flow, muscle building, and strength development. He uses compression gear, electro-stimulation machines, and cryo-chambers to perform various modes of exercise, including strength training, HIIT, yoga, pilates, and even meditation! He’s also a fan of the VersaClimber, using it both on and off-season. In fact, he starts all his strength routines with 15 to 20 minutes on the Climber.

James’s workout split looks something like this:

Monday: chest, shoulders, triceps

Tuesday: Plyometrics and Yoga

Wednesday: back and biceps

Thursday: Plyometrics and Yoga

Friday: legs and calisthenics

Weekend: active recovery and rest

With a detailed split like that, it should be a lot easier to stay on track throughout the week. All credit to LeBron James for maintaining the pace!

It’s not easy to be a superstar and mega athlete like LeBron James, but he works hard for his sport, which is why he’s one of the best players in the NBA. So, if you want to see the same results, put in the work, and stay consistent.

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