Research Innovations, Inc. Awarded Contract by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) to Support Experimentation with Multi-Domain Mission Management Capability

ALEXANDRIA, Va., April 28, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Research Innovations, Inc. (RII), a provider of critical national security technology solutions, today announced the award of a contract by the United Kingdom’s Ministry of Defence (MoD) to expand the piloting of RII’s Collaborative Mission Management (CMM) capability to support Strategic Command.

The contract follows a successful piloting of RII’s CMM capability to support the British Army’s Information Activities and Operations Program through a previous contract awarded in 2021. By experimenting across a myriad of use cases, this contract will explore the advancement of joint all-domain and artificial intelligence-enhanced technology that promotes true situational awareness and quickens decision making across Defence and with allies.

“As Allied Defence Ministries seek to quickly organize around principles core to Multi-Domain Integration, the British Military is among the leaders in this space, which makes this project that much more exciting for our team,” said Nick Woodruff, Vice President of Information, Analytics, and Command and Control (IAC2) at RII. “The Ministry of Defence is leaning forward, preparing to fail fast and learn, and truly partnering with commercial experts as opposed to preserving the norm of historically transactional relationships between industry and government. Strategic Command is at the forefront of all of this and their willingness to dive in and partner in the evolution of cutting-edge capability, and not just ‘buy’ technology, is incredibly encouraging, especially given the extraordinary national security challenges our nations face.”

The software solutions will be built using RII’s RapidAdapt™ platform, which currently provides Multi-Domain Command and Control (MDC2) solutions for a variety of requirements from the highest strategic levels to the tactical edge, with thousands of users across the U.S. joint forces and with selected allied partners.

“This contract directly supports Strategic Command’s transformative strategy to help Defence become more agile, responsive, and able to act in an integrated way,” said Doug Greenlaw, Chief Growth Officer at RII. “Our technologies go to the heart of Strategic Command’s role as Defence’s integrator, ensuring every part of Defence can work seamlessly together, with other Government departments, and with allies, enabling the optimisation of Defence’s global posture.”

The underlying technologies used on this contract were built expressly to support Multi-Domain Integration, operations in the information environment, and globally integrated operations. This effort will be executed primarily in the UK, leveraging RII’s growing team of scientists and operational specialists.

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