What She Eats In A Day?

Singer Jennie Kim is a mainstay of the K-pop band Blackpink. She not only sings in the band but also serves as its public face.

Kim has an incredible fan base, possibly matching the popularity of fellow K-pop star Lisa. Kim has a busy schedule with dance practices and rehearsals, but that hasn’t stopped her from staying fit. In fact, she finds time to work out.

Her diet plan is simple with meals that consist of good proteins, organic vegetables, fruits, and good grains.

On that note, let’s dive deep into the meal plan and exercise routine Jennie Kim follows to stay active and fit.

Jennie Kim’s Diet Plan

Salt can cause swelling in your eyes, face, and body, so Kim avoids anything salty. Moreover, she eats a balanced diet, including indulgences every once in a while. To avoid getting confined by her diet plan and habits, Kim makes an effort to balance her diet.

Kim said that she often eats a quick breakfast of fruit or whole-grain toast before working out. For lunch, she typically chooses a salad made with avocado.

For dinner, Kim eats porridge and detox juice. Porridge makes up most of her breakfast, so it’s not a far leap from the breakfast staple to dinner. When she does eat dinner, she prefers to eat this meal in its entirety rather than snack in between.

Jennie Kim’s Workout Routine

When she works out, Kim focuses on the pilates programme. She also practices her dancing moves with her team.

Five days a week, she practices pilates for one to two hours. Pilates helps her develop an amazing body. She also enjoys yoga and practices it at times in addition to pilates.

Jennie Kim likes to do pilates exercises that help strengthen her core and lower body, increase flexibility, and tone every part of her body. Her favorites include the Eiffel Tower exercise, crunches done against a wall, side crunches done against a wall, child’s pose, leg circles,in every leg lifts, etc.

In 2017, Kim revealed that she started flying yoga to stay fit and healthy. You can see a photo of her doing the exercise posted on her Instagram in 2018. She and Jisoo started doing flying yoga together and have gotten great results from it.

Flying yoga is an aerial version of yoga that uses silk sheets as straps. It’s a great way to get a workout and stay flexible. A single hour-long session can burn hundreds of calories while toning your muscles.

Bottom Line

In short, what we can see from her diet is that she doesn’t eat too much junk food, and her diet is quite balanced. There’s no secret to what makes Jennie Kim fit.

She stays healthy by having a balanced diet and following an intense workout routine. The best part? Her workout is not all that extreme, and anyone can follow that with a little discipline to get the desired results.

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